12V Car Heaters

A 12 v car heater is really useful for those long trips, when you want something close by just in case of a breakdown. Should your car, truck or semi break down, how will you stay warm? These 12v car & truck heaters can be purchased for as little as $10 or $20, and in the event you are stuck somewhere, one of these may just save your life. Not a bad investment honestly.

A 12v heater is not just for use in emergency or survival situations (although they are extremely handy to have). A 12v car heater can also be useful if the heat has stopped working in your vehicle, or has never worked very well. You can pay a mechanic hundreds of dollars to repair your heater core or resolve a wiring problem. Why not just skip all those problems and purchase a $10 or $20 12v heater. You can even spend $30 or $40 and you’ll still wind up saving yourself hundreds. And a 12v heater is more then capable of heating your whole car, truck, tow truck, semi truck, or whatever you have.


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