Air King does manufacture a number of Industrial as well as Commercial grade fans. If you are looking to move a lot of air around, then an industrial or commercial fan will help to satisfy this situation. Often times, a larger grade fan such as this one will be useful in a shop or factory setting. If you have a larger space that you need to move air around in, then you will need a larger fan. This is when an industrial or commercial fan from Air King comes into play.

Wall Mounted Industrial & Commercial Air King Fans

If you are looking to mount one of these fans on the wall, you will likely need some industrial grade wall mounting brackets. We have these wall mounting brackets available here. Be sure before you purchase a bracket that it will fit your fan. In order to determine if the wall mount bracket will work with your fan, click the product and then click to buy. You will go to our affiliate website where it will say what fan the bracket supports.

Large Commercial Ceiling Fans for Gymnasiums, Meeting Halls, Dining Rooms

Commercial ceiling fans are especially useful in larger areas, where there is a large volume of air to move about. You would find these larger commercial fans in usage in places like gymnasiums or assembly areas within schools, high schools, colleges, etc Also, you would find Air King Industrial Ceiling Fans in factories as well. Typically, these ceiling fans are mounted high overhead in

If there is something specific you are looking for and cannot find in terms of a bracket or other, please let us know by filling the contact us page. We will do our best to find the part you need and get it added to our website.

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