Ceiling Fan Balancing Kit

So, you’ve got a wobble to your ceiling fan. First off, there is some troubleshooting you can try to balance your ceiling fan. We would recommend you first try the troubleshooting.

Typically, the troubleshooting includes the following:

Check your ceiling fan to ensure that the blades are properly screwed into the blade holders.  Loose screws and loose blades will cause the blades to wobble while in operation.Get a damp rag and clean the top of the ceiling  fan blades. Buildup from dirt and dust can unbalance the blades, which will lead to wobbly operation as well.

If you have checked and ensured the wobble cannot be resolved this way, you may need to purchase a ceiling fan balancing kit. A balancing kit works by attaching weights to the blade which is unbalanced. You can determine the unbalanced blade by attaching a clip-on weight in the middle of each blade, one by one. Once the wobble decreases, you have found the unbalanced blade.

These troubleshooting steps on this page are very generic. If you are having a ceiling fan balancing issue, please read this helpful article on balancing your ceiling fan. This article is more in-depth and has more step by step instructions in order to help you resolve your ceiling fan balancing related query. If your fan is making noises, wobbling or other, then this guide should help. Read the guide before purchasing a ceiling fan balancing kit.

When the unbalanced blade is found, you move the clip-on weight up and down the length of the blade until you find the spot that the wobble stops completely. At this point, you attach a stick-on weight.

Below are reviews of ceiling fan balancing kits that you would use for this purpose. If there is a ceiling balancing kit that you need, please let us know by using the contact us page. We will do our best to find the part that you need and get it added to the website!


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