Ceiling Fan Parts

A Ceiling Fan Part is useful when you have a breakdown on your ceiling fan. The part that you require could consist of any number of things. Here are a few of the most common parts that you may require on your ceiling fan:
 Ceiling Fans Parts

Ceiling Fan Blades

A ceiling fan blade replacement is necessary when you have a warped ceiling fan blade, a blade out of alignment, or a damaged blade. If the fan is humming, making noises or appears unbalanced, but the blades are not warped, you may be able to use a blade balancing kit. Be sure to try this first before replacing a blade – assuming your blades are not warped or damaged.

Ceiling Fan Blade Arms

If your ceiling fan strikes something while it is turning, it could damage a blade arm. Blade arms cannot be repaired (generally). If one becomes warped for whatever reason, you will need to replace the blade arm. Luckily, blade arms as well as blades are relatively inexpensive to purchase.

Ceiling Fan Remotes

A ceiling fan remote is one of the most common replacement parts when it comes to ceiling fan issues. There are many reasons as to why you may have to replace a ceiling fan remote. The remote may simply not be working, and you’ve tried changing the batteries. One thing it’s suggested you try first is read through our Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting Guide. There are many considerations that should be made, and a number of different troubleshooting techniques to try before replacing the remote.

  • Casablanca Fan Parts

    If you have a broken Casabalanca ceiling fan part and need to replace it, this page is a good resource for that. Replacement parts that you can browse include replacement Casablanca wall controls, remotes, flywheel replacements, fan blades, and more. Included on this page is common troubleshooting for Casablanca ceiling fans.
     If you do need a replacement part like a remote, don’t feel bad! You may be thinking, oh no, I’ll never find the remote that works properly with my Casablanca fan. Or, you may be thinking, how do I manage to lose that remote! Sooner or later, sure it will likely turn up. Maybe. But in the mean time, you need a way to control your Casablanca fan – right?
  • Broan Fan Parts

    Broan ceiling fan parts, Broan Bathroom Fan Replacement Motor Kit, Broan Bathroom Fan Upgrade Kit – if your Broan bathroom or ventilation fan is not turning or making noises, you may need to replace the motor. Also, you can purchase a bathroom fan upgrade kit to move more air, and make less noise.

  • Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

    You no longer need to search for your Hampton Bay replacement ceiling fan parts. This page has replacement remotes, fan blades, and other replacement parts and accessories for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan. Other parts include Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Controls as well. A remote control is a very common part requiring replacement. Of course, we also cannot forget light kits either – or the light dome that goes onto a light kit.

  • Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

    This page has replacement Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts. This includes glass globes, capacitors, pullchains, and other parts.
    Replacement glass globes are sometimes needed for Harbor Breeze fans, when attempting to take apart the light dome. Sometimes it may be best to have a friend help you remove the light dome, because it can fall down and that is how the globe gets smashed.
    Harbor Breeze Pullchains are a particularly common replacement item. Often times the pullchain can be pulled on too hard and become detached from the fan. This happens over time, and after wear and tear of many years, the pullchain can become detached from the fan.
  • Hunter Fan Parts

    Hunter replacement ceiling fan parts like pullchains, motor parts, replacement Hunter blades, remotes, glass globes for Hunter fans and more.
    A replacement Hunter blade becomes a requirement, when a fan blade becomes warped. How do you know if the fan blade is warped? Each fan blade should be the same height from the ceiling. If any fan blades are out even a little bit, inspect the blade closely. Does it appear warped? You can also look at the fan blades from the horizontal – pay attention if any appear to be out of alignment compared to the others.
    If any do not measure the same distance to the ceiling, you can try using a blade balancing kit. The fan blade will be less than an inch off from the other fan blades. Using a blade balancing kit will help to correct these issues. Follow the instructions that come with the fan or see our blade balancing kit page.
  • Tommy Bahama Ceiling Fan Parts

    Tommy Bahama Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts including Light Kits, Pullchains, Blade Replacements & More – if you need a Tommy Bahama ceiling fan replacement part, then this page should help you to find what you are looking for.

  • Ceiling Fan Capacitors

    Replacing a ceiling fan capacitor is needed from time to time, usually due to wear and tear on the ceiling fan. Diagnosing when a capacitor replacement is required is the first step to replacement. Once you have ascertained that the capacitor does have to be changed, finding the correct replacement with the right ohmage and watts is the next step. The capacitor you pick must also fit in the same place as the existing one as well.
    This page will help you to determine what capacitor will work with your ceiling fan, and how to change out the existing capacitor when the time comes.


As much as everyone would prefer for ceiling fans to last forever with no repair or maintenance, inevitably many break down. Sometimes remedying the issue is as simple as replacing a common part. Also, if a fan is taken down or disassembled some parts may become lost, however in many cases the fan is not worthless as parts can be replaced.

The first step when you need a replacement part for your ceiling fan is to contact the manufacturer. The fan may still be under warranty and so if a part failed you maybe be entitled to a free replacement. Also, many many MANY parts are specific to a particular brand and so generic replacements cannot be used. Most manufacturers that are still in business offer replacement parts for sale for their specific fans through their customer support service.


1. Blades

Generic replacements are available through most Home Centers. These fit most basic style imported fans, and can be drilled to fit other fans. Replacements for more expensive and/or American made fans are available through lighting showrooms and fan retailers. For specific models contact the manufacturer of the fan. Blades are one of the easiest items to replace on current model fans, many fan retailers sell blades separately for new fans so replacement sets are easy to purchase. See our page on Ceiling Fan Replacement Blades for more information on properly replacing your blades.

2. Blade Arms

As with blades, many Home Centers offer generic replacement sets. These are also designed to fit the most basic styles of imported fans, and will not fit older fans and more specific fan designs. For specific models contact the manufacturer and possibly also the retailer that carries the particular brand.

3. Capacitors

This is a common part to wear out with age in older fans. It can easily be replaced, however make sure you replace with the specifically rated model. Replacement capacitors are available through most venues that sell ceiling fan parts. See our Troubleshooting Guide for more information, soon we will have a specific page on Ceiling Fan Capacitor Replacement

4. Downrods

Most newer fans use very standard downrods. Downrods are sold in either 1/2″ or 3/4″ inner diameter sizes, with either threaded or non-threaded ends (you can usually use a threaded downrod in place of a non-threaded one). You determine what type of downrod your fan uses, and then pick your length and finish.

5. Flywheels

Replacements are available for many common fans, see our Flywheel Replacement page.

6. Motors

Unfortunately, if the motor in your fan requires replacement, you are generally out of luck. However it is rare that there is an unrepairable problem with a ceiling fan specifically relating to the motor. Usually it is a related component such as the capacitor, or the bearings may require oil (or replacement), etc. See the Troubleshooting Guide for more information

7. Mounting Bracket

It is unlikely (not to mention tragic) that a ceiling fan mounting bracket should ever break. It is, however, one of the most common parts lost when a fan is relocated. Most imported fans which mount with a downrod use a very standard mounting bracket available at hardware stores and Home Centers. For more specific mounting brackets contact the manufacturer.

8. PC Boards and Electronics

These are only available through the manufacturer and through retailers of specific brands.

9. Pullchain Switch

This is one of the most common parts to fail in a ceiling fan. Often the chain is pulled out of it’s socket and the fan is no longer able to be controlled. Replacements are readily available at hardware stores and Home Centers, however be careful. Pullchains are easy to replace but you have to make sure you have the correct replacement. Many may look similar if not identical. For more help, see our Ceiling Fan Pullchain Replacement page!

10. Remote Controls

Quite commonly remote-operated ceiling fans fall victim to the remote either lost or broken. Unfortunately there aren’t many options. Either contact the manufacturer (or a retailer) for a specific replacement, or use a Universal replacement remote. More information on our Ceiling Fan Remotes page.

11. Reverse switch

This is usually a very common electrical switch, either SPDT or DPDT rated at 120vAC and 2 amps or more. The SPDT switch will have one row of three connectors, the DPDT will have two rows of 3. These are available anywhere electronic parts are sold, in addition to many ceiling fan retailers and hardware stores.

12. Screws, bolts, etc

Replacements can be found at any hardware store, however some ceiling fan retailers sell packets of common screws and other fasteners.

13. Wall Controls

There are two types of wall controls for ceiling fans. One type is a generic switch that regulates the flow of electricity to the fan and/or light. These are usually not fan specific and are often sold separately from the fan. Replacements are available anywhere ceiling fans are sold.

Others are specific electronic controls designed to communicate with a receiver inside the fan, much like a remote control. In these cases replacements are only available through the manufacturer.

So how do you determine which is which? If the control operates both the fan and light separately and uses three wires it is most likely the first type. If it operates the fan and light separately and uses only two wires it is the second type. The same applies if the control has the capability to operate fan and light separately but no light is installed. If the control operates only the fan with no capabilities for controlling lights it is the first type. More information available on our Ceiling Fan Wiring page, and coming soon, our Casablanca InteliTouch page!

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