Ceiling Fan Wiring Schematics

A question we often get asked by our site visitors – Where can I find a wiring schematic or diagram for my ceiling fan?

The truth of the matter – you may not always find the exact wiring diagram that matches up with your fan. No, no – don’t get flustered or annoyed. By providing you with some of the most common wiring diagrams, you would actually be able to use these to install most fans. You see – most fans on the market today all use a similar topology in terms of wiring. The colors might be different – but the layout of the wiring, the schematic and the way the circuit is mapped and connected – it is primarily the same. If you go onto Google and you are searching for manuals, instructions, PDFs, wiring diagrams and etc. for your specific fan, you are going to waste some time. If you have a very popular model, sure – you may be able to find what you seek quickly and easily. However, more often than not, if your fan is not popular, you may be looking for a while.

Instead of doing this, refer below to our generic wiring diagrams and instructions. If you are still not able to resolve your issue via using one of these diagrams, we recommend you take a look at our ceiling fan wiring guide by color. This should help to alleviate any concerns related to installing your fan, troubleshooting or diagnosing a wiring related problem.

Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram #1: Black speed switch, three wire capacitor

Speed Switch connection table:

0 (OFF) : NC
1 (Fast): 1 to L and C1-1
2 (Med) : 1 to L and C1-2
3 (Slow): 1 to L , C1-1, and C1-2

Fan Wiring Diagram #2: Black speed switch with only three terminals connected, two wire capacitor

Speed Switch connection table:0 (OFF) : No connection
1 (Fast): 2 to 1
2 (Med) : 2 to 1 and 3
3 (Slow): 2 to 3Do not use an electronic speed control on this type of fan.

Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram #3: Red speed switch, two wire capacitor

Red Speed Switch Two Wire Capacitor

Speed Switch connection table:

0 (OFF) : No connection
1 (Fast): L to 1
2 (Med) : L to 2
3 (Slow): L to 3

Reversing switch truth table (all types described here, yellow switches):

1 (Forward):L to 1 , 2 to 3
2 (Reverse):L to 3 , 2 to 1

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