Contemporary Kichler Ceiling Fans

Contemporary design is always changing. Free flowing creativity, that allows for the blend of different colors, as well as different patterns. Whereas some styles define the color – e.g brush steel, rustic – contemporary welcomes the addition of new and exciting ideas and trends.
There are less rules in contemporary compared to modern. There is a difference between good and bad contemporary design too,  of course. Everyone has their own style. In contemporary, using patterns, as well as colors is open and free.
Here’s a review of the Kichler Starrk Ceiling Fan:

The Starkk features an uncomplicated White finish with matching white wood blades, and an integrated satin etched glass downlight. The 52IN blade span is perfect for areas from 100 sq. ft. to 150 sq. ft., such as bedrooms, Dining Rooms, etc. The blades should be no lower than 7FT from the floor, for safety, so this should be taken into consideration when choosing a ceiling fan.

The strong 153MM x 17MM AC motor uses 44 AMPs on high, and 161 RPMs on high, with Airflow of 4290 cubic ft. per minute on high and an Airflow Efficiency of 82 cubic ft. per minute per watt, and the blades have an 12-degree pitch. It uses only 53 watts on high (not including the light kit).

Urban architectural styles in Kichler contemporary fans are ornate and lovely to behold. The chrome features of some of the fans is quite advanced and interesting as well. Here are some of the Kichler ceiling fans that are of the contemporary style.

Contemporary decor, in comparison to contemporary Kichler fans, is similar in many respects. A contemporary decor in your bedroom or living room would consist of many colors. You can even use bright colors in a contemporary setting. With Kichler contemporary fans, you may find some bright colors, but mostly you’ll be looking upon lovely, modern rustic, chrome, and brushed steel designs.
Oil brushed bronze, for example, is a lovely finish that comes standard on some Kichler fans. It’s a lovely red, almost brown shade that is lovely to gaze upon. Darker colors accentuate the style.


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