An electric fireplace heater is a heater that looks like a fireplace. Mainly these heaters just look like fireplaces. There are two advantages to this. First of all, a real electric fireplace would require to be wired into your main household electrical power. One of these units will simply plug in with a two prong cord (or three prong) so they are much easier to get setup then a real electric fireplace. There is also the advantage of an electric fireplace heater using much less power and electricity then a real fireplace, because of the fact that these units are simple heater fans that push heat out of the unit and around the room.

Another neat thing about these electric fireplace heaters is the use of a remote control. You can use the remote to control the intensity of the electric fireplace without having to bend down and adjust it all the time. Using a remote control is extremely useful if you have a back problem or if you just want to lay back, relax and not have to touch the fireplace to adjust it.


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