Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

Many people request Replacement Parts for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans. Some replacement parts are generic, see Ceiling fan replacement parts for more information. Others are only available direct from the manufacturer. See our support forums & FAQs for more help with troubleshooting any Hampton Bay Replacement Part, wiring, accessory ot other related issues.

Replacement Remote Controls & Receivers

We do have replacement Hampton Bay remote controls available below. To determine which remote will work with your Hampton Bay ceiling fan, try the following.

1> Check the manual that came with your Hampton Bay fan. If you are not able to locate the manual, take a look for the manual on our website or locate it online. See if the remote control that came with the fan is listed in there with a part number.

2> Try checking the remote controls available on our website. Once you click on a remote, a page will load which displays more information about the remote. It may list what models it is compatible with.

3> You can also try purchasing a universal Hampton Bay remote control for your fan. These controls tend to work with most models of fans. You can contact the manufacturer of the remote to make 100% certain before purchasing.

However, we do offer, on this site, some replacement remote control parts for Hampton Bay fans. These include remote/receiver kits, for replacing the remote system in a fan in which this is separate, a wall control for adding fan control in place of a light switch for your Hampton Bay remote controlled ceiling fan, and a Universal Remote, designed to replace the remote control for almost any fan model, as well are your entertainment system.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blades & Replacements

If you have a wrecked ceiling fan blade, or more than one, we can help you to replace those blades on your ceiling fan. Typically, you’ll need to purchase some replacement blades that match the decor and color scheme of your current fan. You don’t necessarily have to purchase original blades that are made specifically for that fan. Of course, it is better if possible – but it’s not always possible depending upon which fan you have. Just keep two things in mind. First, the replacement blade that you purchase has to be of the same blade span as the other blades. Second, as mentioned – colors need to match. You can buy a universal replacement blade if the colors match up. If your ceiling fan has an intricate design or other on the blades, than you’ll need the original blades that come with the fan. For this, we recommend to talk to Home Depot as we are limited in the number of blades we are able to get from distributors and pass onto you.


Discussion Board

Gilles Muise asked: Hi there, I’m looking for a Rhine UC7301R fan controller. The remote control has 4 DIP switches PLUS a 5th D/ON switch (all inside the battery compartment). I can email pictures if necessary. I am located in Canada. Are you able to provide this part, and if so, what is the price? Thanks
Mark replied: Hi Gilles, thank you for your inquiry. We have looked for this part number and have not found anything. If this is for a remote control replacement, have you considered looking at Hampton Bay universal ceiling fan remote controls?

Southwind V 52 in:
Rhetta Sabean asked: The dome glass fell down and broke. I need the replacement for this. Do you have it? Here is the info: Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan-DISCONTINUED with UPC#082392244545 Model #24454 Southwind V 52 in (it is 8 inches in diameter). 603-204-7372 Thank you! Rhetta
Mark replied: Hi there! Thanks for your contact request regarding model # 24454 of the Hampton Bay lineup. We looked up your fan and we found it is a Southwind ceiling fan. We are not able to source the replacement glass globe. However, the fan is only $75 to replace the entire ceiling fan. Would you consider replacing the entire fan?

Hampton Bay Downrod 13431102:
Hans asked: I need to order 8 x 24″ or 18″ 134311025 downrod, guided iron, but your website is giving a problem ordering them Can I order them over the phone? Thanks Hans
Mark replied: Hi Hans, what model of fan Hampton Bay fan do you have? Thanks Han, Regards, Mark

Windward II Ceiling Fan:
Jose Pla asked: Need a replacement glass bowl for the above ceiling fan model. Please quote sending it to Puerto Rico. Thanks!
Jordan replied: Thanks Jose for your question. We do not provide services to Puerto Rico as most of the distributors we ship with do not allow shipments to circulate there.
We would also ask other site visitors – please do not contact us for this premise. We cannot influence buying preferences or decisions for these larger organizations and simply need to work within their rules. Thank you!

68″ CHQ8BT7078T remote #:
Norman Iverson asked: The fan only goes in reverse. I think, and I have been told that I need a new remote.Can you help me???
Mark replied: Hi Norman I recommend trying a universal replacement Hampton Bay remote. We have a few listed here on this page that you can purchase. Click on the details of each remote to see more information about it. Most universal Hampton Bay remotes will work with most Hampton Bay fans.

nancy gagnon asked: I am unable to program the new remote to control fan and lights.
Mark replied: Did you check the dip switches? Be sure to read our article on troubleshooting remotes.

remote control MR77a:
adam levy asked: I need a replacement for the MR77a with a remote if needed. I was quoted $99 from another supplier and that is outrageous. Please help
Jordan replied: Hi there, I tried looking for the MR77a fan or remote and I didn’t get any hits for that. But what does come up is the Hampton Bay Altura ceiling fan. Is this the fan you are looking for? Are you only looking for the remote, or the entire fan?

YG-203 Blade Arm:
nelson badillo asked: Hello. I need to replace a blade arm for my fan with model: YG-203 Where can I get replacement for the arm? Thanks nelson
Mark replied: Hi Nelson Thanks for your question. We don’t have this fan available – not able to source. Did some searching for you and see that Home Depot does sell this fan. The PDF for the fan that comes up on their website shows that blade arms come with the fan. You may have to try Home Depot in order to get the blade arms. If we were able to source them for you we would post them. We do have phone numbers for Home Depot customer support on the website.

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