Hampton Bay Downrods

A common question we get asked by our site visitors – where can I find a downrod, for my Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan?

Great question. Often times, the first place that our site visitors will look is Home Depot. This is because Hampton Bay is the house brand of Home Depot. They are the only ones really to carry the brand. With that being said – you can check their website. You can also check a local Home Depot store.

Now – if you’ve already done that, and still not having luck – we have an assortment of Hampton Bay downrods available below.How can I shorten my down rod on my Hampton Bay (or other) ceiling fan? You would need to replace the rod with a shorter rod. Some fans can also be mounted without the rod – these are called flushmount fans, or hugger. Keep in mind however, that hugger fans will be not as efficient as fans that utilize a downrod.

How can I extend my downrod?

You’ll need to find suitable rod material, if you cannot purchase a longer downrod from the manufacturer. You can use galvanized pipe to build a longer downrod if need be, if you have manufacturing experience or knowledge.

Find a local Home Depot store

If you can’t find the downrod you’re looking for, try looking on the Home Depot website. They have a store locator on there where you can find a local Home Depot store. This will help you to find a downrod nearby. The local store may or may not have the downrod that you need, however. It’s always best to call ahead and ask your local Home Depot if they happen to have

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