Hunter ceiling fan accessories range from a remote control, to a ceiling mount, to a light kit, to a replacement glass globe for a Hunter light kit, and much more. Basically, if you own a Hunter ceiling fan, you may be looking for an accessory to make up for some function. Most of the time, you have lost something, or you didn’t inherit the item with the takeover of a home or other. For instance, sometimes site visitors contact us because they recently bought a home that came with a Hunter fan, and they do not have the remote control that came with it.

Another popular inquiry is regarding the wall controls for Hunter fans, or having a remote that does not work. If your handheld remote is not working, please do check our remote control troubleshooting page. It has common and also advanced troubleshooting you can try. You should start by checking the batteries on the remote, then checking the dipswitches. If the remote still does not send a signal whatsoever (no red light on the front when pushing buttons, and you changed the batteries) then it may be time to replace that remote at that point. Many remote control issues can be troubleshot however, so ensure that you do the proper troubleshooting before purchasing a new remote.

Replacement Hunter glass globes – of course this topic was likely to come up, as well. Breaking a globe is pretty easy. When you are removing the bulb, take extra precaution not to drop the globe. Many fan owners do this and then need to find another globe. Frosted glass globes are another favorite with Hunter light kits as well. When removing bulbs, use a ladder with enough height that you are able to hold onto the globe while working on it. If you don’t feel comfortable, get a friend, husband or wife to help hold the globe while you attempt to unscrew it. Often it is a lot easier with two people,  as it can take one person both hands to get the globe off without damaging it. Ensure you take a look at the globe beforehand, to ascertain which screwdriver you’ll need. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting up there, and not having the correct tools on hand to get the job done.

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