A portable heater is useful for putting out heat, and fitting into a small space. Most heaters that you will pickup at the Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Home Hardware or other are all portable heaters. However, in order for a heater to meet the classification of portable, it has to be small enough to fit into a small space. That is why these portable heaters are also referred to as space heaters, or portable space heaters. As they will heat an area (or space).

The different classifications that you will find of portable heaters include electric, gasoline, propane, oil-filled, etc. An electric portable heater is probably the least expensive unit you will find. These can be found in stores for $30 or under, and will do the job of heating a room. If you are heating an entire floor or house you will need something bigger, perhaps an electric fireplace.

With electric portable heaters, you do not need to worry about constantly refilling the fuel or buying more. However, with everything else that runs on fuel, you will need to have a supply ready for when you run out. This is especially important if you live out in the country and have trouble going to a store. If this is the case, and you won’t be near a store, be sure to buy fuel in bulk.

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