Where can I find an Air King 9312 ceiling mounted fan? Or the same model that mounts to the wall?

Where can I find the Air King 9312 mounted fan? Where can I find the ceiling or wall mounted versions of the Air King 9312?

We have actually posted the Air King 9312 fan to the site, upon this request. You can find the Air King 9312 Fan here. We hope to be able to post other locations as well where you can purchase this fan. Your local Home Depot or Lowe’s store may also carry stock. You can try calling your local store to see if they carry it.

We always love to hear from our site visitors, so let us know where you were able to find this fan. If purchasing from us is a problem, please be sure to let us know why as well. You can click on the Air King 9312 product and then click on the product again to view buying information. This will present you with the information you need in terms of how much shipping costs on the Air King 9312 fan. If there is a sale on the fan, we can notify you as well. Just use our contact page to drop us a line and we will get in touch with you.