I had a Power Surge in the home and now my Ceiling Fan is Not Working. What should I do? Is my fan fried?

I had a power surge the other day. My power was out for a number of hours. Now my ceiling fan and light will not turn on. The remote nor the pullchain will turn on the fan. Is the fan fried – what should I do?

The answer to this means you need to check a number of things on the fan. First of all, when you turn on the fan – is there any kind of indication that it is getting power? Is there any noise, is there any motion from the fan or anything happens at all?

If nothing happens whatsoever, no noise, nothing – then the fan might be fried. Or, it’s also possible that your breaker needs to be flipped off and on. Are other electronics or home products on the same circuit functioning – are you able to test? Sometimes certain outlets in the same room will be on the same circuit.

Another thing you can do is open up the fan and start using a multi meter to test the voltage. If you open up the fan and use a volt meter to test the leads and wires on the fan. Because every fan has different wire colors, it’s difficult for us to advise you which leads or wires to test. For best results, refer to our wiring guide which has further information on different colored wires and what their purpose is in the circuit.