How to Troubleshoot Casablanca Ceiling Fans

How do I troubleshoot a Casablanca Ceiling Fan?

Below are point form notes for troubleshooting your Casablanca ceiling fan. Please do check out our page on general ceiling fan troubleshooting, as most of this information comes from there. Our general troubleshooting guide has all of the steps you should try when experiencing fan related issues.

Fan Not Working

    • Check controls on fan are set correctly
    • Pullchain should be set to a speed (low/medium/high)
    • Check reverse switch
    • Remote has battery securely in place, and have tried changing the battery as required
    • Check if light kit is working
    • Do blades turn freely

If light kit is not working AND the Casablanca fan is not working

    • Connection issue: check all wires are connected inside the housing.
      See wiring guide
    • Check there is power from the supply – could be a switch or breaker that is off, or connection issue with the wiring
    • Open switch housing, check white wire is connected to both the light kit and the fan components

If light kit is working and fan is not

    • Is the black wire disconnected inside the canopy?
    • If connected, what is it connected to?
    • Fan motor could be on a seperate circuit and may not be receiving power/amperage
    • Check in the switch housing too. Ensure no wires are disconnected and/or loose

Do blades turn freely

    • Problem could involve stuck bearings. See our page on oiling, also check flywheel page for more information
    • Is it something stuck in the path of the blades, or the motor?