Before purchasing a ceiling fan, do some research on this site, and on our forums. Certain brands are drastically more prone to problems and malfunctions than others. While we have a published list of recommendations, it is purely the opinion of our editing staff. The more input you have from experienced parties, the better informed purchase you will be able to make.

Remote control fans are infinitely more likely to have problems and malfunctions than fans that are hard-wired. I advise against buying a remote fan unless the feature is absolutely necessary. Again, search our forums (and the web) for examples of issues that occur frequently.

Look only for the features and designs you actually need and/or desire. You pay extra for the fancy control, the fancy cutting edge decor, the fancy glassware. A comparatively more basic fan at the same price may be considerably better quality, as you are paying for only the essentials. If you must have a luxurious design or features, budget a little more and compare various fans with that design or features. Remember if you are buying a lighting showroom product at a home center price, something is getting cut to make it possible. If you are looking for the best quality fan for the least money, get the simple, stripped down, brass & wood (or all white) fan without all the extras.

4. For rooms with ceilings over 10′, and/or porch/outdoor/utility situations where the fan is subjected to some degree of the elements, I recommend considering industrial fans. Industrial fans move considerably more air more efficiently and are often a better fan for the money. Whereas a quality residential fan may move around 8,000 cubic feet per minute (of air), a quality industrial fan will move over 30,000, and do so quietly except for the sound of moving air. They are not decorative and usually cannot take a light, so they are only applicable for certain situations. Most are plain white or black with a simple modern design. As with all types of fans, there are some that are poor quality and others that are well made. See “Ceiling Fan Brand Recommendations” and “Industrial Ceiling Fans Brand Guides & Reviews“.

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