Hampton Bay Remote Control UC7078T with Reverse

A lot of users have commented this worked well for them, and the price tag is really low on it – so it’s affordable for just about everybody. A lot of Hampton Bay Remotes cost around $30 or $40, but this one is under $10 so it’s a steal really. Has reverse button. Wall mount is included. Made to specifically control your ceiling fan speed and light brightness. This is a BRAND NEW ceiling fan remote control. It is a replacement for model number UC7078T or FAN-HD with two(2) light systems.(up and down light)FCC and UL approved.

Hampton Bay UC7078T Remote Control
Hampton Bay UC7078T Remote Control

Hampton Bay UC7078T Remote Control Specifications

Color White
Finish Plastic
Power Source
Bulb Type
Features Batteries Required
Usage Remote is for Hampton Bay / Harbor Breeze

Hunter 27157 Basic Remote Control

The Hunter Basic On and Off Ceiling Fan Remote Control is designed to be easy to use and to provide flexible operation. The wireless remote control is compatible with most brands of ceiling fans and features noise-free on/off fan and light operation with LED buttons that illuminate when pressed. The remote can be used with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Use as an on/off switch for ceiling fan and light operation
Works with most ceiling fan brands
Compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs
Illuminated LED activation provides instant feedback when buttons are pressed
Compact receiver provides easy canopy installation
MFG Model # : 27157
MFG Part # : 27157

Ceiling Fan Hunter 27157 Basic Remote Control Specifications

Part 27157
Color White
Finish White
Power Source
Voltage 120 volts
Warranty Limited Lifetime Motor
Dimensions 8.3 x 6.6 x 2.4 inches

Hampton Bay Remote Control Stops Working – What Should I Do?

I have a cathedral ceiling fan, Hampton Bay Model O:UC7080T. The remote has stopped working after one year. What should I do?

Thanks for your question. I have researched the problem for you, and found that other users who have had this issue have found success by re-setting the dip switches in the remote. This will work for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote problems as well as most other ceiling fans as well.

This is not for the purpose of changing the frequency. Whatever position your dip switches are in on the remote, write them down before touching them. Push them all up and down up and down several times. Then check the dip switch setting on the fan also matches the one on the remote. If not, make sure they match.

The original positions of the dip switches on the fan and remote should match each other. Put the dip switches back into their original positions and see if that fixes the problem. Also, make sure to have new batteries. If the battery charge is really low, the low battery indicator on the remote will NOT work. So you will not know why it’s not working properly.

By the way, we do realize that you had stated you cannot read the dipswitches on the ceiling fan. Try to move the dipswitches up and down first, and then reset them to the old position. See if that helps. If not, you may need to get to the fan to check the dipswitches there. Sorry, but it may be necessary.

We would also recommend to read this article which provides a step by step troubleshooting guide for Hampton Bay ceiling fan remotes, including checking dip switches. If you’re not sure what a dip switch is, this article is likely a good read!


How to program a universal ceiling fan remote (or other) with a TV

How do I program my universal remote to work with my TV?

You can program your universal remote for use with a TV set. In order to do so, you will need to know the programming code to enter on the remote in order to sync it with the TV. To find that, you may need to check the instructions that came with the manual. If you can’t find it there, look on the manufacturer website of both the remote as well as the TV. You’ll need the programming code or you’re sunk.

Once you have the code, try the below. Note that sometimes these instructions will change based on the remote
that you hold in your hand. First, press and hold the TV button. The LED light will come on. Don’t let go of
the button while programming. Enter the programming code. Keep holding the TV button. Once the code is entered,
the LED light will go out and come back on.

Once that is done, release the TV Button. If there is an error the TV remote will flash. Depending upon the manufacturer,
it may flash 3 times, 4 times, or other. If it has worked you should now be able to change the channel on your TV.


My ceiling fan is stuck in reverse, what should I do?

My ceiling fan is stuck in the reverse mode. It won’t change direction from the remote. What should I do?

Look above the ceiling fan – above the blades. Mounted on the side is a black switch. This switch controls the reverse and forward functions. Flip the switch and see if the fan will resume operation in the forward rotation. If there is no switch there, then it is either a problem with the remote or the receiver.

Remote troubleshooting

Did you check that the remote had batteries? Are the batteries really old? Try replacing the batteries at least twice. Try reprogramming the remote with the fan. Are you able to access the dip switches on the fan? There is one set of dip switches either on the bottom or inside of the fan housing. There is another set of dip switches on the remote. The dip switches need to match each other in order for the fan to function on the same frequency as the remote.

Please see our page on
ceiling fan remote control troubleshooting
for more help with troubleshooting the remote. This page also will have replacement remotes you can purchase if that helps to resolve the issue.


Where can I find a 6 speed ceiling fan remote?

My ceiling fan has 6 speeds and I need a new remote for it. Where can I find a 6 speed ceiling fan universal remote?

We’ve had a number of website visitors ask us where can I get a 6 speed ceiling fan remote. We’d love to help out, but we have not been able to locate a suitable 6 speed universal remote replacement. If you know a place that sells a suitable 6 speed ceiling fan remote, that is universal and works with multiple brands/makes, please let us know. We have been able to find specific 6 speed remotes for different manufacturers, but they only work with select fans and not universally. For instance, you can buy an Emerson 6 speed ceiling fan remote but it only works with select Emerson receiver models.

One idea may be to try rewiring the receiver, or to purchase a universal kit which has a receiver that comes with it. Whether or not you can re-wire a 6 speed fan to work as a 4 speed fan, is a question we don’t have the answer to at this time. In fact, while some users might recommend this, we typically do not. It may be a good idea to call your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and ask them if they are able to source the part.