Harbor Breeze Customer Service

Where can I find the phone number for Harbor Breeze customer support? What is their 1 800 Number?

Harbor Breeze does not have a customer service support line, as far as we know. If you do find a phone number for the manufacturer itself, then please let us know. For the most part, what has happened is that any service calls related to Harbor Breeze are now fielded by Lowe’s. This is because Lowe’s sells the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan line now, and they are unique to the Lowe’s store. If you don’t have success from calling customer service, you can send your question to us by using the contact page. We’ll do our best to find the answer to your question and get it posted to the website in the form of an FAQ – just like this page.

To call Lowe’s customer service, here is the phone number: 1.800.445.6937. You can try to give them a call and ask for help related to a specific Harbor Breeze fan, or part. You can also try calling your local Lowe’s store and see if they are able to assist.

What if Lowe’s Customer Service isn’t helpful – what should I do then?

You can try talking to your local Lowe’s store to see if they are able to help with the issue. Sometimes they may be able to look up a part you need, or get the manager involved in order to get something done. Customer service at your local Lowe’s is likely the best place to start. You can also try your local Home Depot as well as Home Depot and Lowe’s are quite competitive and should try to outdo the other whenever possible.

We have also found online websites posting another number which is fake – 1-800-555-1212. We have tested this number from Canada and it goes to a directory assistance, not Lowe’s customer service. Please disregard this number if you are searching online as this is not the correct number.

Harbor Breeze 4 Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Here are some features of this Harbor Breeze ceiling fan light kit:

Brushed Pewter Finish.
Uses 4 candelabra base bulbs 60 watt maximum ( not included )
Built in On/ Off switch.
Mounting hardware included.
4-Light Alabaster ceiling fan kit.

Harbor Breeze 4 Light Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze 4 Light Ceiling Fan

Where to find Harbor Breeze Globes

Where can I find a replacement globe for my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

Finding a part for a Harbor Breeze fan means you need to speak to Lowe’s. Lowe’s is the seller of Harbor Breeze fans – it is their house brand, so they are the only ones with access to the parts most of the time. You can call Lowe’s 1.800 number or try a local store. We do try to find the replacement Harbor Breeze parts and post them to the website as well. We have a globe or two for sale and if you do find a place that sells them, let us know. We’ll be happy to post more of the globes to our website.

Lowe’s is a department store that is based in North America. There are many stores and they are all over Canada as well as the United States. Lowe’s is the best place to look for the Harbor Breeze parts because there are no other stores that carry the brand. Harbor Breeze has made special arrangement with Lowe’s to this end.


10-Inch White Classic Globe
10-Inch White Classic Globe

This glass shade is a product of antique design put together with quality stuff. When it comes to vintage lighting, finding the right shade can be a problem. This glass shade is designed to fit both modern and antique lights, It will satisfy the lighting needs of any homeowner. This is an elegant glass shade, that never goes out of style. The shade can be installed in a wide variety of fixtures, and the design makes it perfect to be used in hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

This  globe’s superb design allows the light shade to be installed from fans to floor lamps. This shade helps in dispersing the light evenly, making it comfortable for the eyes. The globe is easy to install as well. Sliding this globe into the holder and tightening the fitter screws will give a finished lamp that is unique and elegant.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Mounting Kits

Mounting kit for an indoor ceiling fan. If you are looking for a mounting kit for a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, then these parts should be helpful. You will have to check with the manufacturer if these mounting kits are compatible with your fan. If you have a different fan from another manufacturer, it is possible that this mounting kit will work. In this case you should check with the manufacturer of your fan.

At $18, this mounting kit is very affordable and may help to solve whatever issue you’re facing with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

Harbor Breeze Mounting Kit Specifications

Color Black
Finish Painted
Power Source
Usage Indoor
Dimensions 3.7 x 2.4 x 2.2 inches

Harbor Breeze LKD52WW6C Ceiling Fan Stopped Working – Where can I find a Wiring Schematic?

Where can I find a Wiring Schematic for Harbor Breeze model LKD52WW6C ceiling fan?

We have searched online for you for a wiring schematic for this model but have been unable to find one. As such, we have the following advice and help for you. We have tried searching online but it is usually the case that we are unable to find wiring schematics. They can be very difficult to find. The only situation in which we generally are able to find the schematics, is if the manufacturer has posted them to their website.

We highly recommend this ceiling fan wiring guide for ceiling fan troubleshooting and technical help with wiring.

All American fans have the same wire colors:

  • White wire is neutral
  • Black wire is hot
  • Blue wire is hot for light on fan
  • Green is ground

If there is only one hot wire in the ceiling fan wiring box, and the fan has a light, then take the blue and black wires from the fan and twist them together.


I have a Harbor Breeze fan, model AC 5420. The motor has stopped working, but is covered under warranty. How do I get the motor replaced?

The motor has stopped working on my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. I understand the motor is covered under warranty. How can I go about getting service or a new motor for my fan?

The best way to get warranty service is to contact the manufacturer themselves. We are not able to provide warranty help, service or assistance because we are not the manufacturer. Although there are plenty of times where users mistake us for being the manufacturer, we are not the manufacturer. We don’t have the kind of resources or parts available, or service technicians that the manufacturer has for repairing your in-warranty issue.

For warranty help, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the phone directly. We have another article listed here which has the phone number for Harbor Breeze customer support & service. For warranty related questions you would need to talk to this 1-800 number. We are not the manufacturer and cannot assist in warranty service. The manufacturer should deal with your specific issue and either request the ceiling fan be returned to the store for service, or replace whatever parts you are lacking or are broken.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find parts for my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

We have a few different pages where you can hopefully find the <strong><A href=”https://www.ceiling-fans-n-more.com/harbor-breeze-ceiling-fans.php” title=”Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans”>Harbor Breeze ceiling fan</a></strong> part that you are looking for. Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts can be hard to find. We do our best to list as many Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts that we can. If there is a certain one you are looking for – might be a remote, dimmer, pull chain or other – please let us know by using the contact us page. we regularly review comments from our visitors and will do our best to get the Harbor Breeze part posted that you are looking for.

Unfortunately we have a limited selection from which we can post these parts. If you know of a place where we can resell the parts let us know. We will do our best to get those added to the website as well.

Affiliate programs for these parts would be great. Or if you are a manufacturer of these parts, or would like us to resell your parts as well we can do that. We have FAQ’s of every manufacturer here, not just Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts. As such we will certainly do business with anyone who is able to assist us with getting more ceiling fan parts posted onto our website.