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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans ‘N More has been a long time supporter of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans. Moreover, we have a wealth of troubleshooting information for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans as well. For instance – are you looking for a replacement pull chain? What about some replacement blades for your Hampton Bay fan. We have a number of parts available. We also have answers to many frequently asked questions related to Hampton Bay, such as – what are the Hampton Bay support phone numbers? Where can I find a replacement Hampton Bay part? My Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote is not working, what should I do? Where can I find a replacement Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote? These questions answered and many others. You also have the ability to ask a question as well, and let it be answered by others.

Kichler Ceiling Fans
We have a selection of Kichler Ceiling Fans for review or purchase as well. You can read reviews from other site visitors about Kichler Ceiling Fans, and see what interests you. We are constantly adding new Kichler Ceiling Fans to the website as well, so be sure to check back often. Another thing people often look for are replacement Kichler remote controls. We have those as well, to help you replace a missing remote for your Kichler fan if you are missing one. If there is something else related to Kichler that you require, please let us know by filling the contact us page, or posting on our forums.

General Rule of Thumb – Choosing the Right Fan based on Room Size
If you’re looking to scope out a ceiling fan for a particular room, keep this size chart in mind. If the room is 90 square feet or less, a fan with 42″ blades will be the right size. A room with 90-100 square feet, try a 52″ or 54″ ceiling fan. For a room with over 150 square feet in size, try a fan with a 70″ blade sweep. Or, for a larger room of this size, you can also go with two 54″ fans instead. It depends on what you are trying to achieve in the particular room you are looking at. Is there a certain style or certain decor you would like to portray, or keep a style of decor consistent?

Ceiling Fan Size Guide
Are you wondering what size of ceiling fan you need? These kind of guides help determine what size of ceiling fan you need, based on the size of the room you’re looking to install into.

Technical support phone numbers for ceiling fan manufacturers
Are you looking for a phone number for technical support, or customer service from a ceiling fan manufacturer? Finding the phone number online that you are looking for can sometimes be a challenging and potentially frustrating task. In many places on this website, we endeavour to provide you with the technical support phone number you need to obtain help. While we may not the the manufacturer, we can often help point you in the right direction. Some of the ceiling fan brands you find on the market will be part of a particular retail chain. Sometimes, you have to reach out to that particular retail chain in order to obtain support. We do our best to help you, but if we have to point you in a certain direction, we’ll send you to the right place with the right details to make an education decision as to what to do next.

Hampton Bay & Casablanca Ceiling Fans
Some of the brands we document include Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans, Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans, Kichler Ceiling Fans, Casablanca Ceiling Fans and Hunter Ceiling Fans. For information on older and dis continued brands. We have very informative documents about industrial ceiling fans, hugger ceiling fans, discount ceiling fans, ceiling fan decor, and many other topics. You can find technical information about ceiling fan remotes, ceiling fan parts, ceiling fan blade balancing, ceiling fan oiling, ceiling fan flywheel replacement instructions, and much much more. You won’t find these resources anywhere else on the web!

Occasionally our Internet staff discovers a special on certain model ceiling fans sold online. These specials are available for purchase through our Ceiling Fan Store, and through the product links on the individual brand reports. Coming soon, we also plan to offer our own specials on certain makes and models of fans recommended by our experts!
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Residential & Commercial Outdoor Ceiling Fans
An outdoor ceiling fan is useful in a porch or greenhouse setting. There is a distinction between indoor and outdoor fans, just like there is a distinction between residential and commercial fans. Outdoor fans can be used for backyards, frontyards – even sometimes a more moisture intensive environment, like greenhouses, sheds and workshops. A commercial fan will move a lot more air then then a residential fan. Residential fans are usually used in homes. You could have a larger workshop or greenhouse though where you’re considering using a commercial fan. Commercial fans are larger – usually having blade spans of 44″ or bigger. Sometimes you will see larger commercial fans in gymnasiums and schools, where they may be as large as 50″ or 54″ blade spans.

UL Listed fans are useful in environments where there is much moisture. This happens in warmer climates like Cuba, Jamaica, etc. In warm tropical climates, moisture can accumulate on the fan or drip from the fan, or other places onto the fan. Also in an outdoor climate, you can have rain which can damage the fan. However, if you have a UL wet listed fan, it will not take damage from the rain or the water. It will last a lot longer in an environment where it is very warm and there is moisture due to condensation or other.

Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions

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