Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Hampton Bay is the store brand of Home Depot. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans are made specifically for Home Depot by a variety of manufacturers (including SMC, King of Fans, and Minka Group) and are sold only at Home Depot stores. However, we do carry a number of Hampton Bay ceiling fan models here. We are attempting to add new fans to the site as often as possible, but if you have trouble finding a specific fan from Hampton Bay please feel free to let us know by using our contact form.

Hampton Bay Light Kits

Are you looking for a light kit for your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan? If you already have an existing Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan, the next logical question is – is the fan light kit adaptable? If your fan is light kit adaptable, it can have a light kit attached to the fan. There are two types of light kits you can attach to a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan – the kit that is specifically manufactured for the fan, and one that is a universal light kit. Light kits made specifically for the Hampton Bay fan that you have, can be identified by checking the manual that came with your fan. If you are missing the manual that came with your fan, look for our Hampton Bay Manuals page. There is more information about the manuals further on down the page.

Universal light kits generally work with any Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan. This is also the same of Hampton Bay Universal Remote Controls. If you are missing your remote control, the Universal Remotes page can help you to find a new one. We can also help you to troubleshoot your remote control as well if you are having issues with it transmitting to your fan.

Hampton Bay 2 Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit

One common issue with Hampton Bay ceiling fans is having a glass globe fall down and smash. This actually happens more often then you would think. Often times, Hampton Bay lovers find themselves replacing a bulb and suddenly, a globe has fallen out of hand and smashed on the ground. We do carry replacement glass globes for your Hampton Bay fan if this has recently happened to you. Check the product details on the globe you are interested in to determine if it will fit into the light kit you have now.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans offer some of the most current and stylish fan designs at prices significantly less than lighting showrooms. Their fans are offered in a variety of designs and finishes and are created to encompass any and all decors. They offer finishes from pewter and brushed nickel to bronze and antique copper, blades from canvas and palm leaves to natural wood, glass from French scavo to tiffany.

Hampton Bay offers a couple of technological niches in the market. They were the first to offer the Quick Connect installation system, where assembling and installing the fan requires very few screws and can be done in minutes. They were also the first to market the Gossamer Wind high efficiency blade design, a sculpted blade set of molded plastic designed to move more air more efficiently. Hampton Bay also offers competitive features such as thermostatic remotes and uplights.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals

Often times one of the requests we get from our site visitors, is to help them in finding the ceiling fan manual that they require. This could be the specific user manual which is unique to your model, which would had come with your fan. You may also find general installation instructions which will work for many different fan models, as well as a user guide for installing and configuring your remote control ceiling fan. If you need a user manual for a Hampton Bay ceiling fan, this may be a helpful resource for you.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans offer showroom styles and features at Home Center prices. This has made Hampton Bay one of the most popular brands of ceiling fans.

Problems with your Hampton Bay fan

First and foremost, Hampton Bay ceiling fans have a lifetime warranty. Since they are the house brand of Home Depot, and sold only in Home Depot stores and websites, Home Depot honors the Hampton Bay warranty. So if your fan breaks or fails, often times the easiest solution is to return the fan to Home Depot for a full replacement under warranty.

If you prefer to repair the fan rather than exchange it, replacement parts are available. For problems with remotes and remote receivers, and otherwise remote fans not functioning properly, see our remote section and (if necessary) contact Hampton Bay directly for replacement parts. Replacement remote controls are available only from Hampton Bay. For other problems with pullchains, capacitors, etc. see our appropriate sections for those problems. There are replacement parts that are widely available. If you are not sure what is wrong see our troubleshooting section. If you have any other questions please direct them to our forums!

Other Hampton Bay resources:

Hampton Bay replacement parts

It can be a challenge at times to find the correct replacement part that you need. Let us help you to find whichever part that you may be after, such as remotes, pullchains, capacitors, or something else entirely.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Installation 

If you’d like some help on installing your fan, we can assist in this regard. Generally, if you’ve ever installed a ceiling fan before, installation is usually generic from one to the next and you can use what you learned the first time to make the second install go smoother. If you’ve never installed a ceiling fan before, we can help.

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