Ceiling Fan Accessories

A ceiling fan accessory could be one of two things: either a replacement part that you need to make the fan function, or an add-on part that adds function or style. For example, you may have recently had a pullchain that was yanked out of your fan. Or, your fan is wobbling, and you need a blade balancing kit to try and figure out the problem. These kind of issues are more like repair parts or replacement parts.

A real example of an accessory is something that is an add-on, it adds function to the fan. A light kit is a prime example of a ceiling fan accessory. A light kit adds a function: a light, as well as elegance and splendor.

Another good example of an accessory that is often sought after, is a ceiling fan remote. Often times, people tend to misplace their fan remotes. It’s an easy thing to do. Not only that, but sometimes the remote seems to stop

  • Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kits

    Hampton Bay light kits are manufactured specifically for Hampton Bay ceiling fans. Home Depot is the carrier of Hampton Bay, so if you’re not able to find the light kit you’re looking for they may be a good place to check. We also encourage our site visitors to let us know which Hampton Bay light kit they are looking for. We’ll do our best to find it and get it added to the website.
    Of course, the light kit you buy here may also work for other fans than Hampton Bay. However, we couldn’t really tell you which fan(s) that will work for. Every light kit has different characteristics. That being said, it’s generally a safe bet to buy a light kit produced by Hampton Bay, for a Hampton Bay fan.
  • Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

    A universal ceiling fan replacement remote is an excellent purchase if you have the following problem. Your first problem is, you do not have the remote that came with the fan – it could be lost, or broken. The second problem is you have not been able to locate a replacement remote for your fan.
    If this is the case, looking at a universal ceiling fan remote is not a bad idea. Similar to other electronic components like DVD players and receivers, universal ceiling fan remotes work on the premise that they can control multiple devices. A Hampton Bay Universal remote is 95% likely to work with any Hampton Bay fan, same with a Hunter remote for it’s own brand. These remotes will also work with a variety of other ceiling fans as well. For more information, click on the relevant remote you are interested in and inspect it for more details.
  • Ceiling Fan Mounting Brackets

    Ceiling Fan Mounting Brackets are important when you are attempting to install a ceiling fan. Often times, mounting brackets will come with the ceiling fan. In fact, all parts should come with the fan that are required for installation. There are some cases though, for instance, where you may not get a mounting bracket with the fan. This is more likely when purchasing a fan that mounts differently, such as a flush mount or low profile ceiling fan.

  • Ceiling Fan Balancing Kit

    The main premise behind a blade balancing kit, is to determine where the fault lies with your ceiling fan. In particular, in the blades.  If your fan is wobbling, making humming noises or just appears to not be spinning correctly, than a blade balancing kit may be a good idea. Using the kit, you can determine where major problems lie with the blades. A blade can be warped, or it could just need a little bit of weight to be set on the right track.
    Using the weight kit, you can counter-balance the blades using small weights. In the right place, these weights will correct what the fan is doing and allow it to function peacefully and smoothly once again. Just follow the instructions with each blade balancing kit, in order to successfully find the problem and rectify it.
  • Ceiling Fan Dimmers

    Ceiling Fan Dimmers can control a ceiling fan light to increase or decrease, as the control light is turned up and down. Usually, a dimmer can be like a rotary control where turning the light increases the intensity, and decreases it as the circle is turned down.A dimmer switch is nice in bedrooms to turn the light up just as much as you want it, but still keep it somewhat cool and dark in the room when needing to.
    Dimmers are not compatible with all fans, so it’s important to know whether your fan will support it or not. The best way to do this is to consult the manual that came with the fan, if possible. If you don’t have the original manual, you can try looking online for a replacement manual. The next step would be to call the manufacturer and attempt to obtain support that way.
  • Ceiling Fan Downrods

    A downrod is mounted to the ceiling fan and the ceiling. The downrod connects the two. Most fans install via use of a downrod. Only fans that are hugger fans, or low profile can install without a downrod. These fans mount directly to the ceiling, to conserve ceiling space. If you are looking for a replacement downrod as the one on your fan broke, or some other reason, this page can help you to find the replacement downrod that you are looking for.

  • Ceiling Fan Lighting

    Ceiling Fan Lighting encompasses two varieties to get started with – ceiling fans that come with lights and/or light kits, and ceiling fans that don’t. These days, you can generally buy a ceiling fan that does come with a light kit. If you have an older fan which has been installed in your property a number of years ago, it may not have a light installed to it.
    The next question then becomes, firstly – can you put a light kit into your existing ceiling fan. How do you determine the answer to this question – this is what our site visitors ask us a lot. Let us answer this question for you.
  • Ceiling Fan Parts

    If you need a replacement ceiling fan part, or are having trouble figuring out which part has broken, this page can help you out.

  • Ceiling Fan Replacement Blades

    Ceiling fan blades are highly sought after items. A blade needing replacement is not that uncommon. The usual reasons why someone may need a blade replaced is, the blade has become warped, the blade is not aligning properly, or the blade bracket is broken and/or bent. If you have blades that appear to be unbalanced, you can try using a blade balancing kit. If the blade balancing kit fails, or the blade is too damaged and it needs to be replaced, you can purchase a replacement blade.
    If you cannot find the exact blade that goes with your ceiling fan, you also have the option to purchase universal replacement ceiling fan blades. These replacements may not be the exact blade that came with your fan, but the important thing is: do they match the existing color scheme. If not, you may need to replace all of the blades on the fan, with the new universal blades. As long as they fit, it should not be a problem. Check the blade span to ensure a fit. Also, same brands usually work together. For example, universal Hampton Bay fan blades fit onto most Hampton Bay fans.

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