Are you looking for a ceiling fan that comes with a remote control? These days, most ceiling fans come with a remote control. There are many to choose from. We also have a page on troubleshooting remote controls if you are looking for that.

Also, you may be interested in our guide which will walk you through how to install a remote control ceiling fan. This starts with setting the dip switches, installing and wiring the receiver, then moves on to conneting to the ceiling via base plate and etc.

If you are looking to purchase a ceiling fan that comes with a remote, we have many available on this page to choose from. Please browse the following fans.

Types of Remote Control Ceiling Fans

For the most part, choosing the type of remote control you wish to purchase is generally easy. There are three main types that everyone chooses. One is using a ceiling fan with a pullchain. This is not really a remote option, but still an option nonetheless. Second, you can choose to purchase and install a fan which features a wall based remote. This could be a simple wall switch for on/off or a dimmer (or both). Third would be a handheld remote. The handheld remote is useful but can be lost easily. Because of this, some people who are prone to losing things choose to go with a wall based switch operated fan.

Enjoy the following fans, from their respective manufacturers, and please enjoy browsing the product selection below. Also, add us to your favorites, as we plan on having more of these fans soon.


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