Ceiling Fan Types

Different ceiling fan types can be utilized in different settings, as well as different functions. A hugger ceiling fan, for example is useful in situations where the ceiling is too low to effectively use a downrod. Hugger Ceiling Fans, also called Flushmount, will install directly to the ceiling. This works great for lower ceilings.
Not only does picking the setting help, but also you can mount a ceiling fan in different parts of the house.
For example, the garage ceiling fan page will allow you to source a ceiling fan that will mount into your garage. Similarly, you can also find porch ceiling fans, bathroom ceiling fans,kitchen ceiling fans and more. This way, you can find a ceiling fan that will mount in any part of the home.
If looking to cool a bedroom, a bedroom ceiling fan is useful. For almost every room in the home, you can find a different kind of fan that will mount into that room.
  • Antique Ceiling Fans

    Early antique ceiling fans were manufactured by companies like Hunter, Diehl, Century, Robbins & Myers, General Electric (GE), Emerson, Westinghouse, Dayton and others. These manufacturers made fans that today, are considered to be antique ceiling fans. Emerson and Hunter have both been making ceiling fans since the 1800s. Due to their many years of experience, they still manufacture some of the best fans even today. Over the years, Hunter eventually bought out both Robbins & Myers, and Century. They are now part of the Hunter lineup. GE, or General Electric does not make ceiling fans anymore but they certainly are still in business.

  • Bathroom Ceiling Fans

    Bathroom Exhaust Fans including Panasonic and Broan – find bathroom exhaust & ventilation from these manufacturers and other. Leave a review of your favorite bathroom fan, or let us know what bathroom fan, replacement part or other you’re looking for.

  • Battery Operated Fans

Another fan which is not a ceiling fan! It is what it is. If you’re on the road, and not near an electrical outlet, sometimes having a battery operated fan is all that is between you and potentially            sweltering heat. Battery operated fans are useful when you need them to be!

  • Bedroom Ceiling Fans

    This page gives you some information as to what fan to install in your bedroom. Be sure to measure your available space first to ensure that your chosen fan will mount in your bedroom, as well.

  • Ceiling Fan Decor

    Ceiling Fan Decor – Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary. Do you want your ceiling fan to work well with your room setting? The colors you have chosen for your room should be reflected in the ceiling fan you position in it as well. This page talks about how best to do that.

  • Children’s Ceiling Fans

    Children’s Ceiling Fans, Kid’s Ceiling Fans – Parts, Accessories. Looking for a kid’s ceiling fan, children’s ceiling fan, replacement part, or other? Let us know what fan or replacement part you’re looking for for your child, and we’ll do our best to get it added.

  • Desk Fans

    Desk fans are perfect for when you’re in a hurry to get cooled down, and don’t want to spend a lot of time assembling a ceiling fan. Desk fans are also cheap – a great, easy quick way to cool down!

  • Discount Ceiling Fans

    Are you looking for a cheap or discount ceiling fan? This page has plenty of discount ceiling fans for review. You can purchase one cheap, read reviews, or leave your own review of your favorite discount ceiling fan.

  • Exhaust Fans

    What is the purpose of an exhaust fan? Do I really need one? Well – yes! In a bathroom or washroom, an exhaust or ventilation fan of some sort is needed. Why, you might ask? We will explain why on this page.

  • Garage Ceiling Fans

    Looking for a ceiling fan for your garage? How about a floor fan? This page reviews ceiling fans for your garage as well as garage floor fans. You can purchase a garage fan on sale, or leave a review of your favorite fan.

  • Heater Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans, or just heating units that stick to your wall or ceiling, are described on this page. You might want a ceiling fan to move heat around. Or, you might want one of these units that generate the heat instead. The choice is ultimately yours.

  • Hugger Ceiling Fans

    Flushmount or hugger ceiling fans mount directly to your ceiling with no downrod. This works great for low profile ceilings. These fans are known as dual mount fans as well, if they can be mounted both to the ceiling or via a downrod. We have Hunter Low Profile Fans, Kid’s Hugger Fans and more!

  • HVLS Ceiling Fans – High Volume Low Speed

    HVLS fans stands for High Volume, Low Speed fans. The name means exactly what it says: they move large volumes of air at low speeds. How do they do that, you may ask? Read on for more information.

  • Industrial & commercial ceiling fans

    Need a big fan? A really big one? This page has reviews of commercial and industrial ceiling fans for sale. Commercial and industrial ceiling fans are larger for larger environments, like factories, schools, libraries, and large ballrooms.

  • Kitchen Fans

    Do you have sufficient ventilation in your kitchen? This page can help you to answer that question, as well as find replacement range hood fans and other kitchen fans you may require.

  • Metal Ceiling Fans

    A ceiling fan with metal blades is heavier, but more suited to decor in certain situations. When trying to match a fan up with a kitchen or garage with a steel or metal theme, you may be interested in a metallic bladed ceiling fan.

  • Outdoor ceiling fans

    This page has reviews of outdoor ceiling fans for sale. You can purchase an outdoor ceiling fan on sale or leave a review of your favorite one.

  • Porch Ceiling Fans

    Porch ceiling fans and patio fans reviewed here. These fans are UL listed, so they can be used on the porch or patio no matter the climate. Ensure your fan is UL listed before installing in a wet climate or area where the fan may become exposed to moisture.

  • Remote control ceiling fans

    Remote control ceiling fans – how to install, installation steps, what type to choose. With remote control ceiling fans you have three options – pullchain (which is not a remote but still an option), wall based remote or handheld remote.

  • Tiffany Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans with stained glass designs are often referred to as tiffany ceiling fans, just like tiffany table or floor lamps. If you like stained glass designs we recommend you check out our page on Tiffany ceiling fans. Includes user and well as product reviews on the top tiffany fans for purchase at an affordable price.

  • Tropical Ceiling Fans

    Tropical ceiling fans – including Hunter Bayview Fans, Casa Vieja, and much more. The blades of a tropical ceiling fan are made to resemble that of a palm leaf in many instances. Includes product & user reviews and a selection of tropical ceiling fan products.

  • Used Ceiling Fans

    Are you unsure what Ceiling Fan you would like to buy? This page can help you to make an educated decision on what type of ceiling fan you should purchase, and what brand.

  • Victorian Ceiling Fans

    Victorian ceiling fans are truly unique and rare pieces of art. Here you can browse and review Victorian ceiling fans. Which one is your favorite?

  • Vintage Ceiling Fans

    This page has reviews of vintage ceiling fans. This includes antique ceiling fans, heat fans, older Hunter and Emerson ceiling fans, and more. Includes a history of vintage fans, discussing the early “Heat Fans,” Envirofans, Fasco Fans, the Emerson K55 motor, and much more.

  • Whole House Fans

    What is a whole house fan? How does it work? Whole house fans are not the same as attic fans, although often they get roped into the same category.

The Discount Ceiling Fan page is useful if you are looking for a deal on a ceiling fan. If you are having a very limited budget, and need a fan for under $200, maybe even under $100 or $50, then you should consider taking a look at the Discount Fan page. It can help in situations such as that. These fans are mass produced like most others in this day and age.

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