Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze is the store brand of Lowes home centers. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are made specifically for Lowes primarily by Litex and are sold only at Lowes. Litex also makes fans for a variety of other retailers and brands, including the elite and elegant Ellington line of fans. It is likely you are familiar with Litex fans whether you realize it or not.

Like most Home Center brands, Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans offer fans in a vast variety of styles, finishes, and prices. In the $40-100 range fans are mostly simple and traditional designs in white and brass finishes. Some featured models include the Lakeside, the Cheshire, and the Calera. In this range they also offer some ornate models such as the New Orleans, and an Energy Start rated fan for $40 that is a particularly good deal.

In the $100 and up price range you will start to see some more unique designs. Many of these fans are modern and artistic styles such as the Bellhaven, the Tiempo, and the Bedford. Other striking designs include the Knightsbridge and the Soleil.

Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan
The Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan is a good example of a ceiling fan that is low cost, simple, yet elegant. Many Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are available from in the $100-$150 range, so they’re very affordable for homeowners. Sometimes it simply makes more sense to buy another fan then it does to search for a required part, as the fans are easy to find, cheap to buy, while the parts are not easy to find.

Many Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans offer popular features such as remote controls, uplights, and Energy Star labeling. Another advantage is that fans made by Litex tend to be comparatively good quality for the low prices they typically sell for. Many Harbor Breeze fans, while certainly not comparable to a high priced Emerson or Casablanca, are actually quite good quality fans compared to what they cost.

For the most impressive fan designs, Lowes also offers Litex’s Ellington line of fans. These fans are so unusual they may appear to be more architectural accessory or sculpture than traditional fan. Models of note include the Oslo and the Teardrop. Ellington also offers more traditionally designed fans. This is Litex’s higher end division.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

We also have a page which is dedicated to providing our site visitors with the Harbor Breeze replacement parts that they are searching for. Like other brands of ceiling fans that are on the market, there are a number of parts relevant to Harbor Breeze that are most commonly sought after or searched for. From our site visitors, we have gathered that the below are the most popular parts that users search for:
There have been a number of requests for Harbor Breeze replacement remotes. Please go to the Harbor Breeze replacement parts page, which has some remotes available for purchase as well as other parts listed above.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Support & Troubleshooting

We have some additional resources as it relates to Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. A good starting point may be to take a look at our Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals page. This page can help you to find or locate the manual for your Harbor Breeze fan.
A secondary resource would be our Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. This page has frequently asked questions which have been sent to us by our site visitors.

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