Ceiling Fan Downrods

Ceiling fan downrods are used for mounting your ceiling fan to the ceiling itself. There are a few situations in which you may be looking for a downrod. If you have recently purchased a ceiling fan from the store and the downrod is not included in the box, we recommend you return the entire ceiling fan purchase to the store. There’s no sense in looking for a downrod when it didn’t come with the fan as it should have. This is though based on the fact that the fan you have purchased is not a hugger ceiling fan.

Hugger fans may use downrods but are generally “flush-mounted” to the ceiling. The other situation in which you would require a downrod is of course, if your downrod snapped. Or perhaps you took the fan down and want to re-locate it, and you lost the downrod. That can happen too. In any case, we’ve posted some downrods here to help you replace yours. If there is a specific downrod that you are looking for, please let us know by posting a review or by posting on our forums.

Hunter 12 Inch Original Extension Downrod
This Hunter 12 inch downrod extends the fan, in terms of how close it is to the floor. This helps in rooms with higher or sloped ceilings. This downrod works well in rooms with a 9 foot ceiling height. This particular downrod should be used with Hunter Original ceiling fans only.
Hunter 24 Inch Downrod
Here is a 24 inch Hunter downrod, in a brushed nickel finish. This downrod is a standard size and thus should fit more fans then just the Hunter Original line.

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