Ceiling Fan Light Kits

A ceiling fan light kit is useful if you want to add more light to a room with an existing ceiling fan. Or, you may be considering purchasing a ceiling fan and wish to purchase one with a light kit. So – the first question is if you already have a ceiling fan – you might be wondering, what light kit will work with my ceiling fan? This is a question that does get asked often. It’s not exactly easy to determine sometimes what light kit is going to fit on your fan.
To figure it out, you’ll need to look at the manual that came with your fan. Sometimes it will say if the ceiling fan is light kit adaptable or not. If you don’t have the original manual that came with your fan, worry not. This happens often. You can try searching online for your ceiling fan manual. If that fails, another thing you can do is to call the manufacturer of your ceiling fan, and ask them if they can help you.
Hampton Bay Copperhead Ceiling Fan
Generally, ceiling fans come with light kits these days. For example, this Hampton Bay Copperhead ceiling fan that you see here. However, sometimes you might have a fan that does not come with a standard light kit or light fixture. If you’d like to add one, then your ceiling fan has to be light kit adaptable. If it’s not, then you simply cannot add a light kit. Thus, it’s generally better to purchase a fan that has a light kit already, then try to figure out later if the fan is light kit adaptable.
A ceiling fan parts guide for your fan is another way to determine what part numbers will fit on your fan. Every part that goes onto your fan, including the light kit will have a part number. If you can find the parts guide, this will also help you to figure out a means to an end for your requirement. Parts guides can be found by Googling the make and model of your fan, or calling the manufacturer for more help or additional information.

What if I don’t know the make and model of my fan?

This is a common question. If you’ve had the same ceiling fan in your home for many years, or it was already installed when you purchased your home, than you may not be familiar with what the make or model of your fan is. To figure this out, take a look underneath the fan. You may need to remove the housing. There under the fan, should be the model number or another ID number which will help you to identify your fan.
If you still have any of the following, you can get the information this way as well:
Lastly, you can call the manufacturer of your fan, like Hunter or Hampton Bay. But keep in mind that they will ask you what is the model number. They can help you to locate the model number as well in most cases.

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