Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting FAQ

How to fix a ceiling fan

The below step by step guide will be helpful in determining the problem with your Hampton Bay fan, and then assist with resolving the issue that is occurring with your fan.

My Hampton Bay fan is not working at all. What should I check first?

– Ensure the fan is receiving power by checking the circuit breaker or fuse box.
– Check the fan’s remote control or wall switch batteries and replace if needed.
– Ensure the fan is securely connected to the ceiling mount.

My Hampton Bay fan is running slow. What could be the issue?

– Check the fan’s speed settings to ensure it is not set to a low speed.
– Clean the fan blades and motor housing to remove any dust buildup, which can cause the fan to run slower.
– Check the fan’s capacitor, as a faulty capacitor can result in slower fan speeds.

Why is my Hampton Bay fan making a clicking or humming noise?

– Tighten any loose screws or connections on the fan blades and motor housing.
– Ensure the fan blades are not bent or warped, as this can cause noise when the fan is running.
– Check for any obstructions or debris in the fan blades or motor housing that may be causing the noise.

My Hampton Bay fan’s light is not working. What should I do?

– Check the light bulb to ensure it is not burnt out and replace if needed.
– Ensure the light bulb is securely screwed into the socket.
– Check the fan’s wiring connections to ensure they are secure and not damaged.

The remote control for my Hampton Bay fan is not working. What should I check?

– Replace the remote control batteries with new ones.
– Ensure the remote control is within range of the fan and not obstructed by any objects.
– Reset the remote control and re-pair it with the fan according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

My Hampton Bay fan is wobbling. How can I fix this?

– Tighten the screws on the fan blades and motor housing to ensure they are secure.
– Use a balancing kit to balance the fan blades if they are not aligned correctly.
– Check that the ceiling mount is securely attached to the ceiling and there are no loose parts.

Why is my Hampton Bay fan not reversing direction?

– Ensure the fan is turned off before attempting to change the direction.
– Check the fan’s reverse switch to ensure it is in the correct position.
– If the fan has a remote control, check the remote’s reverse button to ensure it is working properly.

My Hampton Bay fan is not responding to the remote control. What should I do?

– Check the remote control batteries and replace them if needed.
– Ensure the remote control is within range of the fan and not obstructed by any objects.
– Reset the remote control and re-pair it with the fan according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Ceiling fan wiring diagram with capacitor

Wiring a ceiling fan with a capacitor involves creating a circuit that allows for the fan’s motor to operate at different speeds. Capacitors in ceiling fan wiring are used to control the fan’s speed by storing and releasing electrical energy. Here’s a detailed explanation of a typical ceiling fan wiring diagram with a capacitor.

What are the components of a ceiling fan electrical system?

  1. Ceiling Fan Motor:
    • The heart of the ceiling fan, responsible for driving the blades and creating air circulation.
  2. Capacitor:
    • A device that stores and releases electrical energy, influencing the fan motor’s speed.
  3. Switches:
    • There are typically two switches: one for controlling the fan’s speed and another for turning the fan on or off.

Wiring Diagram:

Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram with Capacitor
Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram with Capacitor
  • Wire Colors:
    • Black or Red: Live or Hot wire.
    • White: Neutral wire.
    • Green or Bare Copper: Ground wire.
  • Connections:
    1. Ceiling Fan Motor:
      • Connect the live wire (black or red) from the power source to the live wire of the fan motor.
      • Connect the neutral wire (white) from the power source to the neutral wire of the fan motor.
      • Connect the ground wire (green or bare copper) from the power source to the ground wire of the fan motor.
    2. Capacitor:
      • Capacitors often have three terminals labeled as L (Line), F (Fan), and C (Common).
      • Connect the live wire (black or red) to the L terminal of the capacitor.
      • Connect the live wire (black or red) from the fan motor to the F terminal of the capacitor.
      • Connect the common (C) terminal of the capacitor to the neutral wire (white) from the power source and the neutral wire from the fan motor.
    3. Switches:
      • The speed control switch is usually a rotary switch with multiple positions (Low, Medium, High). Connect it to the corresponding terminals on the capacitor (L, F).
      • The on/off switch is wired in series with the power source and the fan motor to control the overall operation.


  • When the fan is turned on, the capacitor releases stored energy, influencing the motor’s speed based on the position of the speed control switch.
  • The on/off switch controls the overall operation of the fan.


  • Always turn off the power at the circuit breaker before attempting any wiring work.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for your specific ceiling fan model.

Hampton Bay Technical Support

I need to call Hampton Bay customer service or support, or Hampton Bay technical support. I need help. Where are the numbers?

Below we have listed all the phone numbers we have been able to find for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Technical Support & Customer Service. Please let us know if any of the phone numbers are not longer working, or if we are able to assist you in any way. We will do our best to help. Often times you may be looking in the Home Depot or Lowe’s for assistance with Hampton Bay fans as well. You’re not wrong to do so, as these fans are predominantly marketed and sold by these two retailers. Most of the time, they tend to have the parts needed when looking for replacement parts.

(877) 527-0313
(800) 236-3306
(800) 330-3267
(800) 749-3267
(800) 221-7977
(800) 896-4908
(800) 307-3267
(800) 431-3003
(800) 448-6857
(800) 841-1350
(877) 527-0313
(877) 898-1881
(888) 809-8989
(800) 283-6513


Hampton Bay Technical Support Phone Numbers

Litex customer support/technical support & customer service phone numbers

(800) 527-1292
(800) 444-6742

Still need help?

If you still need help and are unable to obtain support for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan, we can help. Fill out the comment form on this page, and let us know what help you need. We’ll do our best to assist you with your support inquiry. If your inquiry is not related to Hampton Bay fans, that’s OK too. Instead of filling the comment form on this page, you’ll want to navigate to the page that’s relevant to your issue. For example, if you have a Harbor Breeze fan, you’ll want to navigate to that page instead. Once you’re there, leave a comment on that page instead. We’ll do our best to find the answer to your question and post it. Once posted, you’ll receive an email notification that we’ve answered your question.


Can I make a fan with a down rod flush mount to the ceiling? In essence, this would turn a normal ceiling fan into a flushmount ceiling fan.

No, usually you cannot do this. The reason for this is a flush mount fan has a plate that mounts both to the box, and to the down rod. This plate also has a hanger. You can try looking for a shorter down rod though. The places you can find the shorter down rod are Lowes and HD. You should be able to find a short down rod all the way down to 4 inches.

You can also look at our hugger & flushmount ceiling fan pages, in order to find a replacement fan as well. You may not like your normal ceiling fan as much and just thinking of replacing it with a hugger or flushmount replacement. No problem. Browse on the left hand side to the Hugger Ceiling Fan page and try taking a look at that, in order to find a fan that you’re interested in. We do our best to find the right models for you as well. Please let us know on the contact us page if there is a certain fan that you’re after and unable to find here. We also respond to part requests as well.


Replacing a cracked glass globe

Replacing a globe that now has cracked glass, is actually a very common issue with many ceiling fan owners and enthusiasts. When it comes to replacing a glass globe for a Hampton Bay ceiling fan, in particular, the job can sometimes become more challenging. Many Hampton Bay ceiling fan owners report that they do into a local Home Depot store, and not able to find the required replacement glass globe that they need.
Home Depot is the only carrier of Hampton Bay fans. They pretty much own the brand, more or less, so they are the people at the end of the day that you have to get help from. Why is this? Because Home Depot has solidified themselves as the only ones to carry these parts, we simply aren’t able to source them. Home Depot does not share any of the part availability with any other retailer whatsoever.

Obtaining support from Home Depot

If you need to call Home Depot to get help finding a replacement glass globe, you can call 1-877-527-0313. We have not verified if this phone number works all over the phone, but being a 1-877 # it should. Home Depot operates the help line from 8 AM – 6 PM EST, closed Saturday and Sunday.
In scouring the Internet, website visitors and other ceiling fan enthusiasts report that this is usually the most streamline way to find the part you need. Home Depot maintains a directory of all of their parts within a computer system, so usually they can find the part you need quickly from part number, model number or other.

Cost of Replacement Glass Globes

Many site visitors have complained, that the store sales person at Lowe’s “tried to sell me a new fan!” Well, guess what. After you’re done paying for the replacement glass globe, with the shipping (and possibly customs), you’ll end up paying half the value of the fan (or more). If you paid $100 or less for your fan, we’d highly recommend you simply buy a new one. Glass globe replacements range anywhere from $50-$150, plus the shipping. So many times, you may end up paying half the value of the fan or more for a replacement glass globe.

Universal Bathroom Fan Replacement Electric Motor Kit

Fan kit is designed to replace most repair projects. 5/8″ Coil stack, Continuous duty, Air Over. Kit contains Motor, 1 fan = 4.5″ (flat/paddle style). Will replace most motors in Nutone, Fasco, Broan, Dayton and many other units.

If you need a replacement motor for your fan, this may work for you. Be sure to read our troubleshooting guides on capacitor issues as well as troubleshooting section before purchasing a replacement motor. You should only buy a replacement motor if you are 100% certain this is what you really need.

Emerson Receiver for Emerson K55XL Motor Ceiling Fans

This Emerson receiver works with Emerson K55XL ceiling fans. What is a receiver, you may ask? Basically it’s a module inside of your fan, that allows the fan to communicate with the remote. If your remote has stopped working, you’ve tried different batteries, you’ve tried different remotes, and checked dip switches and all other forms of programming – it may be time to replace the receiver inside of the fan. Many kits that come with receivers, also come with the remote to make life easier (to eliminate the variable of incompatibility).

The receiver has a reverse module, and a full range dimmer. The full range dimmer is capable of 500 watts max total. This receiver is designed for remote controls that are of the SR600, SW605 and SR650 models. The motor on the fan you’re using it with should be a Emerson K55XL ceiling fan motor.

Receivers are warranted against all defects in workmanship and materials. You must be the original purchaser or user of the product to be covered. All components are covered by this warranty for one year from the date you purchased your light fixture.

My ceiling fan is stuck in reverse, what should I do?

My ceiling fan is stuck in the reverse mode. It won’t change direction from the remote. What should I do?

Look above the ceiling fan – above the blades. Mounted on the side is a black switch. This switch controls the reverse and forward functions. Flip the switch and see if the fan will resume operation in the forward rotation. If there is no switch there, then it is either a problem with the remote or the receiver.

Remote troubleshooting

Did you check that the remote had batteries? Are the batteries really old? Try replacing the batteries at least twice. Try reprogramming the remote with the fan. Are you able to access the dip switches on the fan? There is one set of dip switches either on the bottom or inside of the fan housing. There is another set of dip switches on the remote. The dip switches need to match each other in order for the fan to function on the same frequency as the remote.

Please see our page on
ceiling fan remote control troubleshooting
for more help with troubleshooting the remote. This page also will have replacement remotes you can purchase if that helps to resolve the issue.


I have a Harbor Breeze fan, model AC 5420. The motor has stopped working, but is covered under warranty. How do I get the motor replaced?

The motor has stopped working on my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. I understand the motor is covered under warranty. How can I go about getting service or a new motor for my fan?

The best way to get warranty service is to contact the manufacturer themselves. We are not able to provide warranty help, service or assistance because we are not the manufacturer. Although there are plenty of times where users mistake us for being the manufacturer, we are not the manufacturer. We don’t have the kind of resources or parts available, or service technicians that the manufacturer has for repairing your in-warranty issue.

For warranty help, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the phone directly. We have another article listed here which has the phone number for Harbor Breeze customer support & service. For warranty related questions you would need to talk to this 1-800 number. We are not the manufacturer and cannot assist in warranty service. The manufacturer should deal with your specific issue and either request the ceiling fan be returned to the store for service, or replace whatever parts you are lacking or are broken.

Aloha Breeze Ceiling Fan – Missing fasteners and screws to put the fan together upon purchase

I purchased an Aloha Breeze ceiling fan, and it is missing blade screws, washers, or any fasteners to put it together. What should I do?

Generally, the easiest thing to do in this case is just return the fan to the store. You can exchange it for the same one which should come with all the fasteners you need. It is odd that the fan did not come with this, however. Make sure you check really well inside the box. Look for a bag of fasteners that may have come out of the box and dropped somewhere when you opened the box.
If still you cannot find the fasteners, do not try to source them elsewhere. It will be a frustrating experience for you. Just return the Aloha Breeze Ceiling Fan to the store and exchange it for one that comes with the components to put it together.
We have heard from a number of users that getting support from Aloha Breeze can be difficult at times. Try reaching out to Litex as they manufacture these fans.