Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts

We have site visitors who are often looking for Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts. We have attempted to build an area here which lists most of the common parts people are after, and where you can find the part you need. We have gathered some Hunter ceiling fan parts here, as many as possible. The main problem we face is finding a resource where we can post as many Hunter fan parts as possible. If you distribute or resell Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts, please let us know. We will get your products posted to our website. We do have some Hunter parts available here. One part that many people look for is Hunter Glass Globes for light kits. Often times a globe can get smashed or cracks. When this happens you will need a replacement globe to go in its place.

Other Hunter parts that are in demand include pullchains, Hunter fan motor parts, replacement light kits, replacement remotes, etc. There are a lot of parts out there, so feel free to let us know what you are looking for in particular. Use the contact us page. We’ll do our best to find the Hunter part you need and get it added to the website.

Hunter Replacement Wall Controls & Switches – Dual Slide Wall Controls, Three Speed Dial Fan Controls & More

Recently we have received requests from a number of users who are looking for rpelacement Hunter wall controls, switches, remote controls, etc. Often times, a wall control can be damaged when moving furniture. Or, it’s even possible that after a power surge, your wall control or switch may have stopped working. It is not as common, but it does happen. The cost of a replacement wall control or switch is generally $20 or less, so it’s not too expensive to replace the wall control. We have a number of Hunter replacement wall controls below which should help with this problem, if you are experiencing it.

Hunter Multifunction Remote Control with Receiver
Hunter Multifunction Remote Control with Receiver

Local stores that carry Hunter parts

Some local stores that may carry these parts include Lowe’s, Home Depot, Home Hardware, and possibly even Canadian Tire. Say you need a part right away. You can try calling around to local stores and see if they sell the part. Do we carry it? No? Use the contact us page to let us know. Sometimes the quickest and easiest way to tell if the part you need is readily available is to call one or two local stores. If you spend more then an hour looking for the part and you don’t find it, then it may not be readily available at the local store.


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