Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

Finding a replacement part for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan can be a daunting task. There are many parts on a ceiling fan that can break. The most common parts that break on these fans are motors, ceiling fan globes for your light kit, and the blades. We have some replacement parts on this page, but Harbor Breeze ceiling fans as well as the parts can be difficult to find.

Where can I find Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, or parts in store?

This is a common question that many site visitors ask. While it is helpful to browse online, you will find that there are local retailers that offer these fans and parts. Lowe’s & Home Depot are providers of Harbor Breeze fans and parts. If you are looking for these fans or parts, you may want to check out one of their local stores or try calling the Harbor Breeze support phone number.

Harbor Breeze Replacement Ceiling Fan Globes

If a globe has broken on your ceiling fan (usually for the light kit) then you need a replacement globe. You may be able to find a replacement globe here on this page. In some cases a local store like Home Depot may also be able to help. We have listed as many globes as we have been able to find, but unfortunately this is not a lot of product we have been able to locate. Our affiliates do not have these parts available for sale, other then what you see here. If you have found a resource where you are able to purchase Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Globes, please do let us know by using the contact page. We will see if we are able to sell the same products from that vendor and get them added to the website.

Harbor Breeze Capacitors

Capacitors can be another issue with your Harbor Breeze fan. Again, we may have replacement capacitors on this page. We also have a page which tells you how to replace your capacitor, should you need to. And this is for any fan, not just a Harbor Breeze fan. Please check our ceiling fan capacitor page. It has compatible capacitors that will work with your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan. There are a few different models. Two are the most compatible with Harbor Breeze and sell for less than $15, so they are affordable. Our capacitor page should give some explanation how to install the capacitor as well, but for best results always refer to the instructions that come with the capacitor.

Harbor Breeze Compatible Capacitor
This capacitor is not manufactured by Harbor Breeze, but it is a compatible capacitor that can be used with Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans.

Harbor Breeze Pullchains

A replacement pullchain may be required if your pullchain breaks. The pullchain operates the fan, and potentially the lights if your Harbor Breeze fan has a light kit. Pullchains are useful if your fan does not have a remote, or if the remote stops working with the fan. If this should happen, you can also take a look at our ceiling fan remote troubleshooting page – it can be extremely helpful in that eventuality. If you are looking for a replacement pullchain, please take a look at our replacement pullchains page. There are many options to choose from when it comes to pullchains, and you don’t necessarily have to buy a specific Harbor Breeze pullchain in order for it to be compatible with your fan.

Harbor Breeze Floral and White Ceiling Fan Pullchain
If you’re looking for a new pullchain for your Harbor Breeze fan, this may be right up your alley. It’s a cute little floral replacement pullchain.

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