Ceiling fans are commonly accepted in residential environments, and are also a staple in commercial and industrial environments. However, unbeknownst to many, they are extremely useful in agricultural settings, and other harsh environment situations where they are exposed to dust, moisture, water, and the elements.

The benefits of using agricultural type ceiling fans include: air mixing and heat destratification, creating a wind chill for evaporative cooling, reducing condensation and moisture, keeping floors and walls dry, dispersing fumes, and discouraging flies, insects, and birds. For agricultural situations, studies have shown the use of fans increases production as livestock is more comfortable, and decreases diseases such as pneumonia. In any situation, ceiling fans have shown to reduce heating and cooling costs and decrease energy bills by as much as 30% when used correctly. They can also be useful in other outdoor situations such as stadiums, reclaiming lost heat and directing it back down on patrons.

Of course typical ceiling fans can not withstand being used under these conditions. Many industrial ceiling fan manufacturers offer fans specially outfitted and treated for agricultural settings and harsh environments. These fans have fully sealed motors and bearings, and epoxy coated finishes resistant to moisture. They are not only designed to withstand moisture but also dust. In most cases the agricultural/harsh environment fans are also the largest and most powerful fans offered by each manufacturer. These fans are recommended for agricultural settings such as horse, poultry, and dairy barns, greenhouses, stadiums, automotive garages, car washes and anywhere else fans may be mounted outside and in the path of water. Different manufacturers offer different features for their harsh environment fans. Here are a few popular and highly recommended models:

Northwest Envirofan “Agrifan”: This is the original agricultural ceiling fan, and offers more features and better quality than the majority of others. It is made with a neoprene deflection boot and motor seal, and a patented one-way condensation plug to drain moisture from the housing. It has all metal construction and aluminum blades. The bearings are heat resistant and rubber sealed. This fan is UL approved as spray-proof. It is 60″ and rated for 43,500 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air moved. Lowest internet price: $123

Banvil 2000 “Platinum Line”: This fan is very similar to the Envirofan Agrifan, however it does not have the condensation plug or UL spray-proof rating. It’s specifications are otherwise the same. The Banvil fan also features a sealed downrod. Lowest internet price: unknown

Heat Recovery Systems “Moisture/Dust Resistant”: HRS fans feature a bi-metal “firesafe” sensor that shuts down fans in the event of a fire, therefore preventing the fanning of flames. HRS agricultural fans also feature all metal construction, sealed bearings, and self-locking bolts with PVC coated threads. When purchased online you have the option of custom painted fans in a color of your choice, for an added cost. This is a 60″ fan which moves 46,000 cfm. Lowest internet price: $194

TPI Corp. “Water and Dust Resistant”: This fan features sealed bearings and aluminum blades. It is 60″ and moves 47,000 cfm. Lowest internet price: $220

Canarm “High Performance Fans”: Canarm advertises that all their higher end industrial fans are suitable for agricultural environments. These fans have heavy duty motors and bearings, straight blades, and are sealed and suitable for high moisture applications. The 60″ fan moves 46,000 cfm. Lowest internet price: $90

Dayton “Moisture Resistant”: This fan offers a neoprene sealed motor and bearings, the motor is also thermally protected. It is a 60″ fan and moves 41,000 cfm. It is made by Marley/Leading Edge. Lowest internet price: $302

Marley/Leading Edge “Harsh Environment”: Marley offers a fan identical to the Dayton “Moisture Resistant” fan. They also offer a 56″ version (27,500 cfm) with a three speed pullchain. Lowest internet price: $300

HVLS fans also come highly recommended for agricultural environments, see our page on HVLS fans. HVLS fans cost $3,000-5,000 each but can take the place of 5-10 typical industrial ceiling fans.

Note: Ceiling-Fans-n-More takes no responsibility for our posted “lowest internet prices”. These are simply the best prices our researchers found online at the time of publication. We have no way of checking up on them or enforcing them, and are not connected with the retailers or manufacturers selling these products.

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