A battery operated ceiling fan is a useful device when you don’t have an electricity hookup. Also on this page we review 12v fans. 12v fans are useful as they can be hooked up to run from a battery, or from the car. So if you are traveling in a warm climate, and you don’t have proper AC in your vehicle, you may be interested a 12 volt fan as well. We do sell a few 12v fans on this page that move more air then their counterparts. If you are looking for a 12v fan that moves some air, take a look at the fantastic vent endless breeze.

Portable Fans such as Tent Fans

A portable fan is always something useful, whether to move hot air, cold air or warm air. Something that is a rather new idea and adapts portability to suit camping, is a tent fan. We have some tent fans which are reviewed on this page. A portable fan, like a tent fan comes equipped with an external battery pack. This is neat because you can charge the battery pack and use it while on the go. So your fan that you are using in your tent will draw power from the battery pack. The battery pack is 12 volt operated, so it can be charged in the car. This works well if the battery pack should die or run out of power, you can charge it from the car so you don’t have to worry about bringing power inverters with you or things such as that.

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