Casablanca Ceiling Fan Manuals

When looking for a manual for your ceiling fan, you’ll first need to know the model of the fan. For instance, you may have a Casbalanca Bel Air Ceiling Fan. Depending upon the model you have, and the style of the fan, mounting & installation instructions may be different from model to model. Obviously, the easiest way to find the manual that came with your fan, is to check the box. However, for most who are looking at this page, you’ve likely lost the original manual (or you never had it in the first place, because you bought the fan second hand). You could have also inherited the fan from a previous homeowner, etc.
In any case, we’ll help you to find the manual that came with your Casablanca fan. The manual is useful for installation steps, maintenance, warranty, phone numbers for customer service and support, troubleshooting and more. Often times, homeowners start frantically looking for the manual when they start to experience problems with their Casablanca Ceiling Fan. Don’t do that frantic searching – let us help you!

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Installation

Tools Needed for Installation

Wire Strippers – for wiring work. If you don’t feel safe with wiring, consult an electrician.
Power drill – if you’re installing an outlet box, you’ll need a power drill, and a 9/64″ drill bit.
Screwdrivers – almost always needed in a handyman’s toolbelt
Ladder – to mount the fan to the ceiling
Pliers – general purpose.

Mounting Process

If you have a flat ceiling, follow the below instructions:

  • Use the standard downrod that comes with the fan
  • The fan will attach to a downrod, and the downrod attaches to a ceiling outlet box
  • The outlet box attaches to a support brace in the ceiling
  • You can also attach the fan using angled mounting, but you may require an angle mounting kit.

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