Ceiling Fan Dimmers

You cannot, cannot, CANNOT use a dimmer switch on a ceiling fan motor. It could cause a fire and at the very least will destroy the fan or the switch. There are some solid state ceiling fan controls that appear very similar to a dimmer switch, however they cannot be used on most newer fans. See our Ceiling Fan Controls section. If you want to control a fan from the wall, you can purchase a 3 or 4 speed wall control, or a remote kit with a wall mounted control.

You can use a dimmer switch on a ceiling fan light if it is wired separate, is not using a remote, and is not using fluorescent bulbs. You cannot use a dimmer switch on a ceiling fan light if the fan has a remote. You cannot use a ceiling fan wall control, no matter the time, on a fan that has a remote. Failure to follow these guidelines will damage the fan/control/remote and can be a fire hazard.

Below we have reviews of different dimmer switches. They are for Casablanca ceiling fans as well as Minka Aire. We have also added some new dimmers and wall controls for your fans. This includes a Litex universal control which can adjust most settings on the fan. Also is a Westinghouse control that will work for different Westinghouse ceiling fans. As always, if you require further information, you can click on each product. A elongated description will be there on each product page. If there still isn’t enough information, we apologize for this. You can contact us by using the contact page. We have no problem answering questions for you as long as we are able to find the answer to your questions.

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