Ceiling Fan Mounting Brackets

A ceiling fan mounting bracket is what holds your ceiling fan to the ceiling. Literally! If your ceiling fan mounting brackets break or snap, you need to replace them or your fan may topple down. If that happens, the fan may break and not be usable anymore. That’s why it’s important to replace the ceiling fan brackets as soon as you start to notice any wear or tear on them. Once your fan has been mounted for 5 or so years, it may need a mounting bracket replaced.

Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket - 3 Pack
This mounting bracket is excellent because you don’t need to get up into the attic in order to install it. Generally, you’d have to go above the fan in order to install it – this eliminates that requirement, so no crawling in crawlspaces in the attic! Fantastic. Plus you get three of these for under $100 US – what’s not to like, right?

Often times, the way that you find out that you need a new bracket is your ceiling fan starts to wobble. When you check the fan, you notice the blades are all OK, but one of the brackets is hanging off. This can lead to the fan having an awkward wobble. Replace the bracket before the fan falls down.

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