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Ceiling Fan Blade Balancing

If you have a ceiling fan that wobbles, you may need to balance the blades on your fan. There are three reasons why your blades may not be balanced – a bent blade bracket, weight issues or warped blades. This page will explain what causes the fan to wobble and how to resolve it.

Wiring up your ceiling fan can mean a lot of different things. Our ceiling fan wiring guide covers a lot of the below wiring problems that are most common. If you are having trouble connecting the wires on your ceiling fan, this guide can help. The most common issue our users experience is attempting to determine what each of the different colors mean.

Ceiling Fan Capacitor Troubleshooting & Replacement

The capacitor is usually a black box inside of the fan. If this box appears burnt or melted in any way, it needs to be replaced. Replacing a capacitor is generally easy, if you have the instructions how to replace it. Start by unhooking the wires, and hook the capacitor in place. You’ll need to use a replacement capacitor with ohmage and amperage values equal to that of the existing.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Our ceiling fan installation guide will advise you how to install your ceiling fan. This is a step by step guide of how to install your ceiling fan. Includes pre-assembly, attaching the mounting bracket, hanging the motor assembly, etc. Also includes information on mounting a hugger ceiling fan as well.

Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting Guide

This troubleshooting guide covers a large number of common ceiling fan problems. This includes the following. It can help to determine basic problems with your ceiling fan, and then you can problem solve and troubleshoot from there:

  • Fan not working
  • Fan light is not working
  • Fan is running, but it wobbles or shakes in operation.
  • Fan makes humming noises while running in some modes or all modes.
  • Fan makes mechanical noise or other noises while running such as knocking, grinding or clicking.
  • Fan moves very little air or fan runs very slowly.

This page includes identifying a broken flywheel replacement, which ceiling fan brands use rubber flywheels, and how to replace a broken flywheel once it occurs. Includes step by step instructions on how to replace a broken ceiling fan flywheel for most major brands including Casablanca, Homestead, Emerson, Fasco, Hunter, Minka and many more.

A replacement blade is extremely useful when you have a blade which has gone out of alignment. We have one page which will help you to determine what is wrong with your blades, or how to diagnose if you have a problem with your ceiling fan blades. Then, once you have determined that you do indeed need replacement blades, you can check our replacement ceiling fan blades page which will help you to find the replacement blades you need for your ceiling fan.
Perhaps one of the most widely searched for parts on the Internet. Many ceiling fan owners sometimes lose their remotes and need a replacement. So worry not – you are not the only one! Other times, your remote may stop working completely. Before you simply replace the remote though, read our troubleshooting guide on what to check before replacing the remote.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote Control

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