Ceiling Fan Technical Documents

These documents provide all of the technical information you could ever need to select, install, and use a ceiling fan. Ceiling Fan FAQ is all encompassing and deals with every aspect of fans, the rest of the documents are fairly specific. We have everything you need to install a fan, wire it, chose and install a control, determine the proper speed and direction settings, and replace the blades if you so desire. We also have a list of all ceiling fan recalls from 1980 to the date of publication. For additional information contact us via email or on the forums.

Ceiling Fan Installation Instructions

Knowing how to install your ceiling fan is important. If you don’t know how to install your fan, you’ll have some problems along the way. Even just having general instructions can be very beneficial.

Most of the time, checking the instructions that come with your ceiling fan is a good way to ensure that you are installing the fan the correct way. Often times the instructions will be numbered, so that you can follow the instructions one at a time until the installation is completed.

If you are unable to find your ceiling fan manual, and you have lost it, or it did not come with the fan, then you can find a replacement manual on our ceiling fan manuals page. If we don’t list the manual for your fan, a general installation instruction is also useful.

Ceiling Fan Recalls

There are some ceiling fans on the market which have been recalled. After they are recalled, they may or may not be on the market. Sometimes this occurs because there is a problem with the fan. It could be a minute problem that would never exert itself under most circumstances, but a recall occurs nonetheless. Other fans are no longer manufactured for other reasons, such as the company has stopped making it, or the fan company no longer exists.
There are many older ceiling fan companies that no longer exist today, so you can no longer find particular fans. Modern fans today have a different construction alltogether from older fans that had a different construction, as well as different materials.


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