Oscillating Ceiling Fan

So, what just is an oscillating ceiling fan? Great question, we get it from site visitors all the time. An oscillating fan, in essence is a fan that can move. Thus, an oscillating ceiling fan can both move air in terms of its blades moving but also be able to pivot and point itself at different places in the room. While you may say, oh well an oscillating fan moves more air then, this isn’t the case. It just has the capability to move air around in different places in the room; or you can point it a certain way if you like when it makes sense to. Traditional ceiling fans are fixed – they can only move air to the same places, or in the same manner all the time.

Craftmade Bellows Dual Mount 21" Outdoor Reversible Oscillating Ceiling Fan
The Craftmade Bellows III ceiling fan is a cage fan that is damp location rated. This means it has a cage for protection, and with the damp rating it can be used outdoors also. It is not WET rated though, so it shouldn’t be subjected to water directly if at all possible. The Bellows III can tilt 90 degrees, so it can be pointed in other directions as needed (on it’s axis).

This does not necessarily mean that oscillating ceiling fans are better – this may be your next conclusion. It really depends on your use case. If it’s convenient for you to be able to point your ceiling fan at other areas of the room, then an oscillating may make more sense for you in the long run. This could be the case in an office area where there are multiple people working; sometimes you might want to point the fan in different directions. It could be on a shop floor where staff like to be able to turn the fan towards whoever is working. And so on and so on; as you can see it really depends on the use case to determine whether an oscillating ceiling fan makes sense or not.

How do oscillating fans work?

This is a great question. Below we have a video which talks about how oscillating fans work in general. This can apply not just to oscillating ceiling fans, but to any oscillating fan that you come across in the market today. It’s a pretty straight forward technology; simple yet functional. Let us know what you think of this helpful video:


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