Below are the most common reasons to contact Fans ‘N More. Please read this before contacting us as your question may already be answered.

For technical help and support

Most questions have already been answered on our ceiling fan technical support forums already. We have phone numbers for manufacturers, as well as a long list of previous questions and answers for site visitors. Look around on our forums and you may already find your question has been asked and answered.

To advertise on Fans ‘N More, or to buy Fans ‘N More

We do accept advertising queries for this website, however, because this website does extremely well, we do not respond to lowball advertising requests. If you are interested in a text link our rates are $325 USD/year.

If you read the forums and still need to e-mail us a question…

We ask that you post your problem on our forums at . Please keep in mind you will get a faster response on the forums. Eventually we will phase out e-mail support completely as site visitors generally don’t follow these instructions.

Ceiling Fans ‘N More specializes in answering your question to the best of our ability.


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