To calculate the cost of running a heater, first you’ll need to be familiar with a few things:

  • What is the KwH rate of your device?
  • What is the cost per KwH from your hydro company?

    What is the KwH rate of my heater?

    To determine the KwH rating of your device, take a look at the label. KwH means kilowatt-hour. A kilo-watt hour rating tells you how many killowatts per hour your heater will consume.

    What is the cost per KwH from my hydro company?

    The easiest way to determine this is to take a look at your hydro bill. This will tell you how much your hydro company charges per kilowatt hour. If you aren’t with a hydro company, call the one that you would be signing up with. If you don’t have a copy of your bill, you can call them and ask them as well. They’ll likely ask for your account number and whatever else they require first.

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