The blades on Crompton Greaves ceiling fans can measure 19 and a half inches and more. You can mount two controls for a Crompton Greave fan – one to control the light, and one to control the fan. This is assuming that the fan has a light kit – you can purchase a Crompton Greaves fan here that comes with a light kit if you are interested. On a high speed, a CG fan moves a lot of air. Crompton Greaves fans sometimes will have four different fixed speeds. The fan is capable of moving quite fast on the highest setting.

Some homeowners who have large homes (especially those that are in warmer climates) prefer to have more then one Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fan in the home. Many owners of these fans will have multiple fans in the home. It’s not uncommon to see someone having 3, 4 or even 5 Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fans hooked up and moving air around in their home. Crompton Greaves’ model line High Breeze Ceiling Fans are the best at moving large volumes of air around in the home.