Electric heaters help to keep the house warm in the winter time, and whenever it may be cold in your home. Most heaters in the western hemisphere operate on a different voltage then the heaters in Europe and other, so keep that in mind when browsing for a heater. Electric heaters have an advantage over propane or gasoline, as they do not require any fuel source. As long as you have a house outlet you can plug in your electric heater and stay warm.

In Canada, places like Canadian Tire have low cost heater units that you can purchase quickly and in your local area. If you need something to keep warm fast, it’s easy to pickup a $20 or $30 heater at your local Canadian Tire. In the States, where is the best place? Why not let us know. We’d be happy to hear from you. Lowe’s and Home Depot are probably some places that many would mention, but if you have others let us know by filling the contact form, leaving a review or posting on the forums.

Electric heaters work if you in are in a house, but if you’re in the car or truck, a 12v electric heater might also interest you. These will keep you warm when you are in the car, truck, SUV, etc. If you are a truck driver spending long hours on the road and you find yourself cold sometimes, a 12v electric heater might be great for you.

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