1> Where can I find parts for my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

We have a few different pages where you can hopefully find the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan part that you are looking for. Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts can be hard to find. We do our best to list as many Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts that we can. If there is a certain one you are looking for – might be a remote, dimmer, pull chain or other – please let us know by using the contact us page. we regularly review comments from our visitors and will do our best to get the Harbor Breeze part posted that you are looking for.

Unfortunately we have a limited selection from which we can post these parts. If you know of a place where we can resell the parts let us know. We will do our best to get those added to the website as well.

Affiliate programs for these parts would be great. Or if you are a manufacturer of these parts, or would like us to resell your parts as well we can do that. We have FAQ’s of every manufacturer here, not just Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts. As such we will certainly do business with anyone who is able to assist us with getting more ceiling fan parts posted onto our website.

2> How to install light bulbs in a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Installing light bulbs into your Harbor Breeze fan depends upon which model you have. There should be instructions in your manual. However if not, mainly take a look and see a> do you have screws which can be removed to open the light kit,
b> Is there any other opening you can find in which to enter the housing
c> Is there a lever or button to press to open the housing,
d> is there a twist area which can be removed by twisting, to access the housing
e> are you able to access the user manual online by Googling,
eg. Google search “Harbor Breeze MODEL NAME HERE + user guide”

Mainly we know this is a common sense kind of thing. It’s hard to give specific instructions unless you actually have experience with the particular Harbor Breeze model in question. Other times it can be useful if you are able to find the user guide for your particular fan.

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