Package Contents

All of the parts that come with the ceiling fan. It may be a good idea to lay out all the parts first, and make sure they are all there before you start building the fan.

Hardware Contents

Mostly the screws and the connectors that come with the ceiling fan. This includes mounting bracket screws, downrod pins, motor screws, etc. Again, a good idea to check and ensure all of the fasteners are there, ready for installation.

Safety Information

information which will help to protect you against getting hurt. Avoiding personal injury, removing the risk of electrical shock, etc. Good idea to read the instructions over and ensure they’re followed.

Assembly Instructions

Installation of the mounting bracket, mounting instructions, wiring, and final installation. Make sure you shut off the power to the circuit first before you do the installation.

Operating Instructions

Controlling the fan and lights. The fan is preprogrammed at the factory and thus, knows what to do out of the box. You may need to pair the light to the fan though. Here are the instructions for this. They may
not work the same with every Harbor Breeze fan – some may have different instructions than others.

To pair the light to the fan:

Turn on the the fan and wait more than 30 seconds. Press and hold the 0 and the light buttons in the center of the remote at the same time for 5 seconds. When the pairing is complete, the fan light will blink.

Care and Maintenance

This section will help with ongoing maintenance that one should do to the fan, in order to ensure it’s in good running order. This section also includes troubleshooting information.

Troubleshooting Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Troubleshooting issues include the fan does not move, the fan is noisy, excessive wobbling, lights are not working, etc. The Harbor Breeze troubleshooting section is a very useful part of the ceiling fan manual.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Downloadable PDFs

The following PDFs are available for download for your Harbor Breeze fan. If you can’t find your fan listed below, please let us know by using the contact us page or by leaving a review or comment on the website.
Armitage Ceiling Fan Manual
Builder’s Series Ceiling Fan Manual
Barnstaple Bay Ceiling Fan Manual
Calera Ceiling Fan Manual
Dubois Ceiling Fan Manual
Edenton Ceiling Fan Manual


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