Here at Ceiling-Fans-n-More we are also experts in ceiling fans for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Typical industrial fans are appropriate for retail spaces, churches, warehouses, classrooms, offices, gymnasiums, manufacturing areas, schools, theatres, lecture halls, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. Special fans designed for agricultural and harsh environments are suitable for horse, poultry, and dairy barns, greenhouses, stadiums, automotive garages, car washes and anywhere else fans may be mounted outside and in the path of water. HVLS (High Velocity, Low Speed) fans are an alternative option for areas 5,000 square feet and larger, with at least an 18′ ceiling. Ceiling-Fans-n-More also recommends industrial fans for residential installations with ceiling heights of 12′ and greater, and where the fans will be mounted outside such as a covered porch, patio, or garage. Find out more about these various types of industrial fans on the documents listed below.

Industrial and commercial ceiling fan documents

Industrial & Commercial Ceiling Fans Overview
Why use Ceiling Fans?
Industrial Ceiling Fans Brand Guides & Reviews
Agricultural & Harsh Environment Ceiling Fans
HVLS (High Velocity, Low Speed) Ceiling Fans

Brands include Action Air, Air King, Airmaster, Aloha Breeze, Banvil 2000, Canarm, Commercial Electric (Hampton Bay), ConTech, Craftmade, Dayton, Emerson, Glocon (Swifter Fans), HRS (Heat Recovery Systems), Hunter, Leading Edge, Litex, MarleyNutone, Qmark, Regency (Tacony, Vista), Shell Manufacturing Co (SMC), TPI (Telrepco), Westinghouse

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