Matthews Fan Co, aka Matthews-Gerbar Fan Co, offers very unique designs of what can only loosely be categorized as ceiling fans. Yes, they are fans mounted to the ceiling, but there the similarities end. Most of Matthews Fan Co’s designs consist of one or more smaller fans mounted to a central point. The smaller fans are directional. In most cases the entire assembly, including one or more fans, rotates. These are similar to antique designs known as “Gyro Fans”. These fans are available with wood or metal blades, in a variety of finishes including chrome, copper, and bronze. Models include the Duplo Dinamico, the Brisa 2000, and the Vent Bettina. Matthews Fan Co also offers single directional fans. Models include the Bianca Directional and the Jarold Directional.

Matthews Fan Co designs are very unique and if you are looking for a conversation piece they are certain to be talked about.

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