After 1.5 years in production, design and testing, the Reiker Room Conditioner was created. This is a ceiling fan which can be used at anytime. Reiker ceiling fans however are used primarily for heating a room. Other heating systems do not take certain things into consideration, such as heat rising. Other methods also are ineffective at how they transport heated energy.

The Reiker room conditioner is a completely non-duct system that is something very new in typical zone heating. Reiker models use less energy and have a lower cost of operation. As long as you have power you can keep your room warm and toasty. This is a great product to save energy, and has multiple uses such as in the home. But the Reiker ceiling fan can not only be used in homes, but also offices, trailer, condo, and much more. You can use it to keep your basement warm or your garage warm.

The Reiker ceiling fans listed on this page are both a ceiling fan and a heater unit in one. These heated ceiling fans will dissipate warmth nicely in whatever setting you place them into. This includes as mentioned, the home, office, garage, basement, condo, trailer or any other place you can think of that a heated ceiling fan would be useful.

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