Here at Ceiling-Fans-n-More it is our goal to answer all ceiling fan related questions before you have a chance to ask them! We have had a number of inquiries about Screwless Blade Arms For Ceiling Fans. This is an aesthetic feature many fan manufacturers are offering. Basically, the screws and screw holes that attach the blades to the blade brackets are not visible from the bottom of the fan. The screws are on the top of the blades, and the blade arms are solid at the bottom with no visible holes. This is a very minor feature that is not noticeable unless you are looking for it.

Many manufacturers also offer “easy install”, “quick connect”, “five minute fan”, etc. type fans that are designed to be much quicker and easier to install. These fans come partially assembled and many other parts assemble without screws and screwdrivers. In these cases, usually the blades snap onto the blade arms without the use of screws. Our editors do not favor these quick install fans, as the time saved in installation is negligible, however the fans are usually lower quality and more likely to have issues than comparable fans from the same manufacturers. For example, the screwless blade arms: rather than requiring 3 screws per blade, for a total of 15 screws, the blades simply snap on, which may save 5 or 10 minutes. However these screwless blades are MUCH more likely to droop, get out of alignment, go off balance, become loose, rattle, wobble, and otherwise cause issue. It is rare that shortcuts arrive at the best quality solution.

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