Casablanca Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working

The security button on the remote does not turn off the remote. The light kit for my Casablanca fan comes on and off by itself all the time. I tried changing all the batteries, pressing and holding the security button, also I tried to stop and restart the fan. But the light keeps coming on and off by itself. What should I do?

Sometimes this can be caused by your receiver being on the same frequency as another receiver. This could be your neighbors receiver actually or another one in your house. What happens is, the frequencies get aligned together. Once that happens, the remote somewhere else winds up turning off your fan along with the other one too. The other remote elsewhere in the house or next door could be a different remote – it could even be for the TV, DVD, heater or other appliance. But the remotes work on the same frequency so when the TV turns off (or other), your light also
turns on or off.

Dip switches on the fan also need to be checked. We have found an article that should
help you to troubleshoot your ceiling fan remote problem
. It’s important to check out the dip-switches, and also the frequency can also cause a problem. Reprogramming the remote may help as well.

Casablanca fan stopped working suddenly, both fan & light

The fan has worked fine for a year and then suddenly it stopped working, both the fan and the light. We’ve taken it apart, replaced the receiver and reset it, disconnected the power supply and still nothing. Anyone fixed this problem? The fan is W-505 with the prime touch system. We have tested the power and it’s working properly. Power Cycle Method: Complete power-cycle/reset needed to be done. It had happen quite a few times.

  • 1. Turn off power to fan. Then back on.
  • 2. Using remote cycle the following fan buttons from high to med to low, then from low to med to high again. That ‘should’ fix the problem.

This solution should work without a problem, Casa AdvanTouch remote. After cycling through the fan speeds, hitting the light button will solve your Casablana fan problem. Do not forgot to follow step in removing batteries and hitting a button or two. Try to bypass remote sensor by direct wiring the fan also make sure power is reaching it you may have a power problem!!! Check wire nuts to make sure they are secure!