Every so often, visitors to the site take the time to write us and let us know how our documents have helped them, and/or solved their ceiling fan issues! Here are some examples.

From Charlotte S:

Just wanted to say “thanks”. Been working on this darn fan/light fixture for a long time not having a clue what I was doing. Some of the other sites were over my head–got the wiring figured out on first try here. Thank you.

. . . when I first took on the project I just Googled “do it yourself, ceiling fan”. I remember Lowe’s had a site, and a few other DIY, but most were trying to sell me a fan or an electrician’s service. The directions were ok, but they all talked about red wires, which I didn’t seem to have. (My house is 70 years old, I’m lucky I had any wires at all!) I was able to actually get the fan to work, but not the light. Finally yesterday I got really specific and searched for “blue and green” wires–that’s where I found your site–the only one that had my combo of wire colors!!! That darn blue goes to black, who knew!? You did! 🙂 So now I have light AND air!!!

“Thank you for your help, kindness and responsiveness!” Marty M

“Hi, I found your address on the Ceiling Fan Oiling page while searching “Yahoo! Answers.” Our 1990s vintage fan (I forget the make and model, but it wasn’t expensive.) slowed to a halt the other day, probably because it needs cleaning and oiling. It no longer turns as freely as it did when I installed it. Thanks to your page, I’m confident enough to begin disassembly.

– Tom Gloger
Thanks again!

Your article was right on! We checked everything you said about things being out of balance, then pulled out the quarters. We were skeptical, and thought we could be putting quarters on the blades for hours, but it went very quickly and with about a dozen different trials, we found that 2 quarters on one blade and 1 quarter on another blade were perfect! Simple, cheap solution. Thanks for posting your article on the internet.

Regards, Steve & Katie Cox Tucson, Arizona

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