Universal Ceiling Fan Light Kits

A Universal Ceiling Fan Light Kit is useful for a variety of reasons. If you have recently purchased a ceiling fan, finding a light kit for it should be easy. However, if you have purchased your ceiling fan more than three years ago, you may have trouble finding a light kit that works with the fan. Mainly it depends on a number of factors:

  • What brand name you purchased,
  • How old the fan is,
  • How readily accessible the information for the fan is, e.g the manual and parts guides,
  • How readily accessible the required parts are for the specific model you purchased.
Here are some steps that you should take in order to first look for the light kit that works for your fan.

Do you have the original documentation or manual that came with the fan? If so, take a look inside. It may have part numbers and other information you need to figure out what light kit will attach to the fan. Your fan may also or may not be light kit adaptable. The manual would state this, and what light kits often work best with the fan.

Try looking for the manual online, or a parts guide. The manual may be helpful, if you can find it online. If not, try looking for a parts guide. Parts guides are useful catalog-like PDFs online that often can help you identify the part numbers, that will be compatible with your fan.
Try calling customer support. If the above has not panned out, try calling the 1-800 number for the fan manufacturer. Tell them what fan you have and that you wish to purchase a light kit for the fan.
If none of the above works or helps to figure out which light kit attaches to your fan, it now makes sense to purchase a universal light kit. With many universal light kits, as long as your fan is light kit adaptable, you can purchase a universal kit from the same manufacturer. For instance, if you have a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan, it makes sense to purchase a Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Light Kit. If you have a Minka Aire Ceiling Fan, buy a Minka universal light kit. The same goes for remote controls, too.
You can also check the product description before purchase. Many universal light kits will list which models they are compatible with. Some brands will work with each other, too. It all depends when the light kit was manufactured, and when the fan was manufactured. If the light kit was manufactured after the fan was, and built to match up with that certain series, then it will work properly.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Universal Light Kits

If you are searching for a Hunter Ceiling Fan Universal Light Kit, you can find them on this page. We attempt to list as many Hunter Light Kits as we can. If you are purchasing a Hunter universal kit for a Hunter fan, chances are it’s going to work. You just need to check first – is your fan light kit adaptable? Take a look at the bottom of your ceiling fan. If there is a hole there, about 3/8″ thread, then you can mount a ceiling fan there. Open up the cap and take a look inside. Is there wiring coming out of the fan? This is where you will plug in a light kit.

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