Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Parts are available on this page. Replacement parts include Westinghouse fan light kits, replacement ceiling fan blades, remote controls and more. When looking for Westinghouse replacement ceiling fan parts, typically you can visit a local retailer. However, the comfort of browsing for Westinghouse replacement fan parts from your own home is certainly a convenience, to say the least.
Some of the retailers that locally carry Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Parts include Home Depot, Sears, Walmart, and of course you can find parts on E-bay as well. When looking at these retailers though, we should likely break down what’s available where so that you understand as a consumer where some of the pitfalls may lie.

Common Westinghouse Replacement Parts

Common parts include remote controls, fan blades, and light kits. Remote controls are a common part as it applies to any fan – not just Westinghouse Ceiling Fans. Why are remotes such a common part? Well, there are many ways in which a new remote may be required. You may lose the remote – yes, it disappears into the couch cushions, these things can happen. A remote can also stop working. If your remote stops working, be sure to read our troubleshooting guide on troubleshooting ceiling fan remote controls.
Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Blades are another common replacement part. Fan blades can become warped or broken. A warped blade is more common than anything else. Blades can warp when they are not cleaned over many years. It’s interesting, but it’s actually possible that dust and dirt buildup on top of the fan blades can eventually cause them to become warped. What happens is, the small weight variance between blades over the course of the blades turning over many years, eventually causes warping.
Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Blades

Here’s an example of a Westinghouse ceiling fan blade replacement. A lovely walnut finish – simplistic, yet elegant.

Westinghouse Parts at Sears – Advantages and Disadvantages

Sears is likely not a good choice to buy Westinghouse parts. You can browse Sears parts online, but if there is a problem you cannot return what you have purchased locally as there is no longer any local stores to return items to. This is one disadvantage to buying any parts at Sears going forward, since they announced bankruptcy.
Another thing to consider with giving any money to Sears for any purchases (for anything) is that you are supporting a company which neglected to pay their employees (some were with the company for 10-20 years or more) any kind of severance or compensation at the time when the company went bankrupt. Sears knew for many years they were going bankrupt, and yet they did no planning to take care of their hard workers whatsoever. The company executives will get a payout no matter what happens, while all of their staff get nothing. It may not be a good idea to continue to give money to a company like Sears in light of their lack of corporate social and economic responsibility.

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